Sunday, August 25, 2013

The one where they think I have klout

Was at work last week when I received a notification saying I'd won 2 free tickets to the Redskins game. If you know me- you know that's not exciting. NFL Football game? Exciting. Redskins? Ick.

I put the idea on the backburner as one of those "If nothing better comes up on Saturday night, I might go."

On Friday I received an email saying "Actually- You've been selected as one of 50 people to go out on the field as the players run out on the field."

Ok. That sounds fun. Not Cowboys stadium and NOT the Dallas Cowboys players, but still. Sounded fun. 

I've been to two NFL games in my life. Both Cowboys games. With my dad. On Thanksgiving Day.

I know NFL games are a big deal- so once the opportunity came to go on the field, I started making arrangements. (Arrangements being: Find someone to cover my fantasy football draft that was taking place on Saturday afternoon.)

I asked around here the few people I know in DC who might be available to go to the game and had no takers so I opted to go solo. Plan was to show up- go on the field- watch a quarter or two then head home. 

I get to the stadium to pick up my tickets and t-shirt (t-shirt they gave me would be my ticket to get on the field) and the lady at ticket counter says "Well, good news. You've been given an upgraded ticket! Have fun!"

The original ticket would be for the party deck (standing only). 

I look at my ticket and it says "row 3." 


I meet up with the other Women of Washington (@WOWRedskins) who are heading out to the field and come to find out- most of the girls don't like football. And those that do: they aren't Redskins fans. I was in good company. 

We walk out to the field and I think we all had our mouths hanging open. A surreal moment. 

We do our thing on the field then head to find our seats. 

The seats are called Dream Seats. 

Seriously. I went to row 3 and the guy said "oh no- you're closer. You're closer to the field. So there is Row 3....then there is the Row 3 Dreamseat. 

I sit down  (in the padded seat, mind you) and a guy comes up to me and says "What would you like? We have drinks, hotdogs, cookies, peanuts...."

Um. Free food/drink too? Yes. 

So my plan to stay for just a short while was thrown out the window once I got these seats. 

My friend Tim was also at the game with his family and had originally said "If there is an open seat next to us, you can come sit down!" (when we thought I was going to be in the standing room only section.)
I said "um....turns out, you probably want to come sit with ME."

So he did. And we ate free food. And had free drinks. And then he went back to his family and I went home. 

I'd said to Tim "I have NO idea how this all happened!!! I just got an alert from Twitter and Klout!" 

He said "This sort of thing happens to you often, I feel." 

I started to say no...then remembered just 2 weeks ago I was sitting in a box suite at a White Sox game in Chicago with Colorado legislators and a member of the British Parliament. 

So yeah. I guess it does. I don't know how or why....but each time- I'm just as floored. And shocked. And thrilled. 

So if their plan was to give a football fan the chance of a lifetime and knock her socks off- they succeeded. 

Thanks @WOWRedskins.

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