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Austin, TX

This past weekend I headed to Austin to attend a going-away party for my sweet friend and college roommate- Leticia.She's lived in Austin for the past 6 years and is headed to NYC for seminary!!I'm so excited for this new season of her life and all that the Lord has done in and through her over the past 8 years. My life has been immensely blessed by knowing her. I knew the weekend in Austin would be an interesting one…I was carpooling down and then turning over my keys to my friend Aaron who would be using my car to get around for the weekend.I was prepared for some down time- but was not prepared for all that would happen while there.On Friday night- we pulled into Austin and I was dropped off at the going away party.So many people were there to celebrate Leticia.It was so evident that she has impacted the lives of MANY people in Austin Texas!That evening- after the party wrapped up- we headed to Mandy's house.Mandy was an amazing and gracious host!She and her husband jus…

Be You.

I LOVE meeting new people. LOVE IT.It kind of gives me a high.….ok, so I honestly shouldn't write that- cause I have no clue what a 'high' feels like…..but seriously…Something just happens in my heart when I meet and connect with new people. Asking questions is one of my favorite things. I initiate conversation well.I know a lot of the 'right' questions to get people talking….and honestly- let's face it. People love to talk about themselves, so if I ask questions about themselves- they'll talk, right?Most often- if I meet someone for the first time- I'll have to cut in on myself at some point and say "I'm sorry! I'm not playing '20 Questions' with you or anything….just trying to get to know you!"-because I will have asked so many questions and that could be overwhelming. And most often- the response I get is "No! It's totally ok! I love it!"One of my favorite things is meeting someone and asking questions and afte…

113 degrees.

Yes. 113 degrees. That is what my car informed me when I got in my car after having played ultimate frisbee for 2 1/2 hours today. INSANE HEAT!

On my way to play I blasted Christmas music in my car in attempts to make me think it was cooler outside than what it really was. I think it worked ;-)

And on top of that- I'm in bed now (yes, at 8pm) listening to more Bing Crosby and others singing Christmas carols.

Speaking of which....132 days til Christmas ;-)


Ok- so for the past week- I've been reading in Deuteronomy.  Have read a lot about Moses- and this morning I ended up in chapter 31-in which basically- Moses has just finished writing down all the laws that the Lord had given him.Let me back up and give a REALLY quick rundown of Moses for you.Moses- the baby that floated down the river in a basket.We've all seen those water color pictures in kids bibles, etc….Ok- so that baby is our man. (By the way- his story starts in Exodus chapter 2 if you'd like to go read it)So.(remember, I said I'm gonna go quick- missing lots of good juicy details- but giving you enough to understand)-Moses- baby in basket-floating away to escape death of all baby boys-Found by Pharaoh's daughter. -He grows up-Goes out one day to where he sees the slaves (his true family) being forced into hard labor & he kills an Egyptian-Flees and becomes an alien in foreign land.-Lord appears to him in a bush (yeah, you gotta read the story)-God talk…


Sooooo. A lot of stuff is going on. And in attempts to not deal with it- I just continue to fill all of my spare time with episode after episode after episode of "24." Healthy? No. But working? Yes. Sometimes I wish I could leave my brain at home for a couple days and not have to deal with thought after thought after thought that races through my mind minute after minute. Am I being vague?  Yes.  Sorry. But that's all.


"If He commands you to act, and if you will trust Him, you will see all of creation move in concert to accomplish in you what you were created to do." -McManus

your name....

This week I've been spending time in the morning reading in each of the gospels- the burial and Resurrection of Jesus.
While I've read each of these many a time.....I decided to go back and re-read after having my moment this past weekend (see this blog post ) In Matthew- I read in chapter 28 how an angel was sent down to roll back the stone and he popped a squat there on the stone and got to tell the good news.  What an awesome assignment for an angel, right??? How cool did HE feel??  Made me start thinking about how often I find my self in a season where I'm sitting...and waiting. I have not necessarily considered my season of sitting...'awesome'.....but it could be.  As long as I'm sharing the good news and chillin out- what's to be upset about?? :-) Also- in Luke- Jesus has been raised, he's appeared to the disciples, and shown them His nail scars. Luke 24:45 says "Then …

I'm ready...

I have an overwhelming urge to go buy as many school supplies as possible today..... A pencil pens.....possibly even a trapper keeper......a new planner..... Agh.  I love everything about new school supplies. Maybe I'm just wishing mostly for cooler weather. I'm ready for scarves, sweaters, sweatshirts, and hot coffee. I'm ready for leaves to change color.....for leaves to fall on the ground and become crunchy so I can stomp on them. I'm ready to retire my summer clothes and pull out my winter stuff. I'm ready for gray skies and brisk wind. I'm ready for fires in the fireplace. I'm ready for Saturday mornings to be spent in bed with a cup of coffee and a good book. I'm ready to start pulling out my homemade soup recipes. I'm ready for Fall.