Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear October

I can't remember another month that I was so happy to see finished. dealt an ugly hand.  In T minus 1 hour and 15 minutes you will be finished...and that makes me realllllly happy.


You brought:
-a broken heart ( boo, hiss hiss, sad face)
-a tension to manage that I did NOT want.

Yeah, and a lot of other things.


And on top of that- a broken heart in and of itself brings a bunch of other junk along side it...insecurity, etc.


Glad to report that my heart IS good.  And the only reason I can type that is because my God is good.  His Word brings life.  What could have taken months to deal with and get over took about 1 or 2 weeks max. Seriously.  His plan is best.  I have to believe this.

Annnnd. there's not really much to this blog post other than to say:


Dear November,

Could you please bring some REALLLLY cold weather with you?

k, thanks,


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary....

On this very day.....three years ago....I started blogging!!!!   279 posts later....Here I am!  Still blogging :-)

The first post was written as an outlet for me to be a bit vulnerable without anyone knowing....and here I am, 3 years later, letting all KINDS of people in on my life and what the Lord is doing in me. :-)

Have you been following my blog for 1, 2, or 3 years?  Maybe even just a month or two?  Leave some blog love and let me know how long you've been reading.

Do you have a favorite post?  Maybe an embarrassing story that I shared? (i have PLENTY of those)....leave some blog love and share which one is your favorite. :-)

Here's to another 3 years of blogging!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Goin to the chapel....err....Golf Course....and they're gonna get married!

My sweet friend, Laura, will be getting married TODAY!!!!  I am so excited for this day.  First of all- this is probably one of my most favorite pictures of her.  This was taken this past March at my birthday party- in which she played a part in making it the most special day.  Laura is one of the first people that I met and started hanging out with when I came to Gateway. That in and of itself makes her near and dear to my heart.

She loves well....She gives BIG....and she has an amazing heart. I love this girl.  Today is your day, Laura Oglesby, and you deserve the happiest wedding day. I love you and love your heart. I am excited for this new season ahead of you.....It's going to be amazing!

And ps. You're going to be an AMAZING wife.   Just sayin.

Happpppy Weddddding Dayyyyy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Post

Welllll Welllll Welllll. 

It's time for a picture blog post :-)

Let's start here....

This past weekend I got to see BETH MOORE......If you know me well at all- you know how big this is....Here is my friend, Christian, and I getting ready to sit and listen :-)

Speaking of Beth Moore....I picked up her book back in February, So Long, Insecurity.  IT IS AN AMAZING BOOK.  I've been re-reading it this week and loving it.  Along with my coffee, of course ;-)

AND.....a random picture. LUNCH! Yum.  I've been going to Sams and you can get these personal size pouches of edemame and i LOVE them. Yum.

This next picture is horrible quality- but it makes up for it BIG TIME in memory making quality. OH MY GOSH. A night with Jaclyn in Dallas that was MUCH needed. :-) Love this girl and I love that I have a long history of friendship with her. 

Every morning as I leave my apartment- I pull around to the gate which is straight east. I get to see a BEAUTIFUL sunrise each morning and this particular morning was one worth capturing. Ok, who are we kidding. I capture them ALL THE FREAKING time. I probably have 100 pics on my phone of the sunrises each morning :-)

Andddddd. Next picture up- my first pair of TOMS shoes :-)

I got a little crafty and made a wall decor piece for my room.  But have yet to hang it. Because I need help. There are 9 pieces and I need them to be straight and in line! So for now- they are sitting on my floor. :-) BUT FUN, right?!?!? I bought and spray painted frames, picked out paper, and made a little happy creative piece for my wall. Just call me crafty carla.

I'm in a wedding this weekend for my dear friend LAURA!!!! And here we are....the bride and the maids :-) of just the maids.  We pretty much threw the best bachelorette/lingerie party I've ever attended :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"She is clothed with strength and dignity. She can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

Working hard on this one. I think it is specified in this passage about a woman of noble character because God knew our tendency as women to become so emotional. In a heightened emotional state- we could do or say things that would cause us to lose all dignity. To go crazy.

But a woman of noble character is clothed with strength and dignity....I read this as "She is able, in the midst of emotional drama, to maintain her composure and calmly address a situation without losing it."

Comments? :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Have you ever found victory in an area of your life.....only to fall back into the same doubt/frustration/feeling again months later?

You may not have....but I'm in that place.

Last night I was thinking about something I'm walking through- and was going to post online in a blog about my frustration...and then I stopped myself because my first thought was "No! I can't share that. Because just 2 months ago I was telling a friend how the Lord had given me such peace in that area!...and if I share that- she'll think I was lying months ago."

Well, my blogger friends.

Here is me saying publicly: The Lord may have given me some great insight/perspective in an area of my life that allowed a huge victory....But it is a DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY DAILY thing.


It frustrates me to even type that.

I have to CONTINUALLY trust Him. I have to DAILY choose to trust Him. I have to DAILY choose to walk in victory.

FOR INSTANCE: ;-) The Rangers. YES! They may have won Game 1....and Game 2.....BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY STILL DON'T HAVE BATTLES AHEAD THEY NEED TO FIGHT! They lost game three and game four.

Does that mean that their victory in game one and two is null and void?


Not at all.

But it just means they better bring their A-Game cause their opponents are mad as hell and don't want to lose again!

In my own life- when the devil sees me gain new ground....gain victories....You better believe he's going to bring his A-Game and bring out his best pitchers, so to speak.

(man, i love analogies. :-) )

But seriously. I may have won games one and two- but I'm in games three and four right now and I feel as though I'm losing.

Anyone else feel that way these days?

Just sayin.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Value His Voice

This weekend, Pastor Robert gave a message titled "Value His Voice" in which he gave practical tips on how to hear God's voice. One of the things that stood out to me the most was when he said "You have got to set an appointment for purposeful time with Him. If you don't set an appointment, you won't show up!"
This is SO true! Last year in August, I set my first purposeful appointment and have NOT been disappointed. I could hear in Pastor Robert's voice- his pleading...almost daring the congregation to just TRY it. Seriously! I completely understood what he meant. Really. If you just actually SET THE APPOINTMENT- you will show up. And will He.

Another point Pastor Robert made was to "listen and write." I know that not everyone journals, but this is so key. Sometimes I will just start writing my prayers out and that gets the ball rolling. Sometimes I'll ask the Lord a question and say "What do YOU think about this situation.".....and I'll just start writing how I think the Lord would feel about the situation. There have been times I've done this and when I stop my pen- I've realized that 5 pages have been filled up. If you just have your pen ready.....

I love this verse in this picture.... "The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue, to know the Word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning...wakens my hear to listen like one being taught." Isaiah...

Show up to your appointment. He will speak.

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