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The Princess Bride

"A dream is a wish your heart makes...When you're fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches- whatever you wish for you keep. Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through- No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing- The dream that you wish will come true." I grew up believing those lyrics.

For those of us that were born in the 80's- I consider us the 'princess' generation. When we were little girls- we were introduced to new characters. Ariel, from the Little Mermaid, came into existence when I was 5 years old. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, when I was 7 years old. Jasmine, from Aladdin, when I was 8 years old. Pocahontas and Mulan followed a couple years later.

This past week- with the Royal Wedding of Kate and Prince William- I've heard SO many people lash out with negative comments about the Royal Wedding. Asking why it's such a big deal...saying that there are more important things…

A Mile Marker

A year ago today....I was wrapping up my last week at my old job.

I'd turned in my 2-weeks notice on April 16, 2010- And completed my 3 years of work at that location on April 30th. 

During my last week- my coworkers sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers...They threw an AMAZING luncheon...We had a 'pool' party...They knew EXACTLY how to make me feel celebrated.

I left feeling loved and appreciated.

The following 11 days- I had a chance to rest- travel- and get a little vacation time.

I went to visit my sister, Lisa, in Phoenix as she had just moved into her new house.

The point of this blog post....

Well. Maybe not a point. But April 16 is a date in my life that I will always look back on and remember the faithfulness of God. This week- of April 30th- will be a reminder to me of the faithfulness of God. A mile marker.

I've walked with the Lord for a long time. This past year of my life has been one of my favorite years with Him.

"Let them give thanks to the…

Chivalry is NOT dead! (Who's Chivalry!?!)

Most of my life has been spent around females.

I had 2 sisters.

My 1st year of college I lived on a hall with 50 girls.

My 2nd year of college, I was an RA to a hall full of 50 girls.

I served in the high school ministry for a group of high school girls.

I've learned to live with about 15 different girls over the past 27 years.

To say that I know very little about the male species would be an understatement.

To say that I know a LOT about females. Well. Yeah. That would be true. Not saying that I'm an expert....but just saying that I've gathered a LOT of information.

I'm pretty good at reading females, honestly. I can walk in a room full of people....and if you give me about 10 minutes- I can tell you which girls in the room have crushes on which guys.

Now- walking into a room and being able to decipher which guy likes which girl? Eh- I'm not AS good at that.

I say all that to say.....I'm just used to being around females.

And. When females hang out toge…

Facebook comments...

At work today I was responding to a comment that someone had made on our facebook page. They mentioned a phrase that I used MANY times when I was younger.

Anyone else heard this? "The bible tells me I have to love them but I SURE don't have to like 'em!!"


Well. I can't tell you how many times I used that phrase. When I was younger- man- that was my fall back line if there was ever someone that I didn't care for. Ugh.

Let's be honest. It's much easier to love our family. Because they are our family. And they will always be around. Ya know?  But if there was ever a friend or acquaintance I didn't care for- I didn't ever learn to love them- I just learned to avoid them! :-) And in turn- it made 'loving' them SO much easier. ;-)

And finally. The Lord said "enough of that. I want to teach you how to love someone for REAL. I want to teach you how to love someone that has hurt you. I want to teach you how to love someone that ha…

Target Practice

Was listening to Beth Moore teach last week and there was a message that spoke to me....and I want to try and relay that message here.  Hang with me. If you can capture this as I did- I know it will encourage you.

So. Here goes.

If there is an area of my life in which I'm not trusting the Lord...and area that always seems to be my area of struggle...that means my 'shield of faith' is down. If it were up- I'd be trusting.

Right? Let me explain further.

There are areas in which I trust in the Lord. BIG time. Areas in which I have no doubt. For instance. I hold my shield of faith high and firm in the area of provision. The Lord has proved over and over to me that He WILL provide for THIS baby girl of His. My faith is high in this area. (ps. if this is an area in which you do not have much faith- let me know. I'd love to share MY portion of faith with you and believe with you for provision!)

Or in the area of healing. I've written about this area before. The Lord…


How do you like THAT title?!?!
A couple of months ago- I was taking a class and someone mentioned the process of titling a blog post. They said that the title needs to be attention grabbing or you will be doing your post a disservice.

Well let me admit. I've pretty much done ALL of my blog posts a huge disservice. Except for one....titled "Ridin Dirty"...and I actually got a couple of texts and messages from people saying "We think you've been spammed!!!'

No....I really DID intend to title the blog post just that... And evidently it's true what the teacher of my class said. That was the one that caught all the attention.

In addition- ever since then- blogging has been a bit difficult for me because I get stumped with titling my blog......Ugh.  Trying to come up with something witty/clever is exhausting.

Being clever on twitter/facebook? Not exhausting. Natural ;-)

But with my blog post titles.....exhausting.

Now. with that said...I'm sure I've …


May 1- Roommate moves out!
May 6- Josh and Ali get marrrried!!!
May 12- Brooke and Brad get married!!!
May 14th- Roommate's gettin married!!!
June 1- Minda moves out and gets ANOTHER new roommate
June 15- Minda heads to California....(for her FIRST TIME!)
July 14- Minda heads to Seattle
July 16- cousin gets married!!!

all in 3 days?!?!

We're only on day 4 of April and already I've made 200 cake pops, purchased a bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding in June, attended an AMAZING wedding, danced til my feet got blisters, and created an entire scrapbook! 

Hellloooo productivity!

I made cake pops for Court and Lauryn's wedding and I had two flavors....Oreo and Red Velvet.  Yum!