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I called...You answered.

This time last week I was boxing up all my belongings and making sure they were all taped up and in order- ready for the move this past weekend.  Let’s first say….I’ve moved a LOT in the past 9 years. My poor, poor, dad.  Maybe I should say…his poor poor back.

Either way- the past couple of moves I’ve had- I’ve been AMAZINGLY blessed to have a crew of friends that were willing to come and help get all my stuff moved.

Well. As I was approaching this move- I hesitated in sending a text message asking for help. And here’s the crazy reason why: I KNEW people would help! Let’s be honest. NO ONE likes to move.  Especially in Texas. In JUNE. NO one. And my friends are so amazing that I knew if I texted them- they would come through and say yes.

But I felt so weighted down with the knowledge that it would be a hassle. An inconvenience. For so many. I don’t like that feeling.  So I didn’t text anyone.

I put up a notice on Facebook and Twitter- but nothing personal- directly TO anyone.

So. At t…

Dear Sixteen Year Old Minda

Saw this site posted today in which celebrities wrote letters to their 16-year-old- self.

Made me start thinking what..and honestly...IF i would tell my 16 year old self anything about life at my age now.

Here's my letter:

Dear 16-Year-Old-Minda,

It's me!...I!....of sorts. From the future.

Here are some things you need to know:

1.) You are beautiful. Really. You are. Start learning to accept this. Because if you don't accept it- you will be consumed with trying to make yourself beautiful. Learn it now. Don't waste your life trying to make yourself appear beautiful.

2.) High School is almost over. Really. It is. Just smile and get through it. College will be SO much better.

3.) Contrary to what Mrs. Breedlove tells you- you honestly have NO reason to learn calculus. Promise.

4.) Your mom and dad are your best support system. Stop looking elsewhere for it.

5.) Did I mention you are beautiful? You are. :-)

6.) You really are an awesome kid. Just keep on keep…

May 12th was NOT the right answer

Ten years ago (groan) I was a Junior in High School preparing to attend my very first prom.

In addition- not only was I going to attend- but it is tradition that the Juniors HOST the prom. So I was on the Prom planning committee. This is a very important piece of information that I will use in my defense later. Make note :-)

Talk of prom was echoing through every hallway....ok, so maybe we only had 2 hallways at my school...but still..  Everyone was talking and planning.

One morning I was on my way into my AP English class (did I really need to specify that it was an AP course? No. Just trying to impress you.)...ANYWAY. Was walking into my class when I was stopped in the hallway.

Please picture this with me. Door to classroom is open. One foot in. One foot out. I've turned to the guy who said "Minda!"

I turn and said "what's up?"

He said...."Do you have a date for prom?"

Without missing a beat, I said "Yeah, it's May 12."

As soon a…

Cake pops have been featured!!

My friend Izehi came over 2 weeks ago to do a little photo shoot with my cake pops!!! Check out her blog post and leave some love!!! You will even have the chance to win some!!! :-)

an iced coffee, a new job, and a side of crazy please!

Exactly ONE YEAR ago today- I started a new job.

I didn't sleep at all the night before- yet still got up at 5am to go to the gym. I knew that no matter what- even with no sleep- I'd still feel better if I worked out. After my work out- I got ready- grabbed my purse, bible, and journal- and headed to a new Starbucks closer to the new job- and planned to sit and read/journal for an hour before I needed to be at work.

I ordered my iced coffee and found a comfy seat. For the first 5 minutes of sitting- I observed, watched, and got a feel for the Starbucks that could possibly be the location of my quiet time for the next season of my life.

While drinking my iced coffee (have I mentioned before that I LOVE iced coffee?) - I wrote this sentence in my journal:

 "Today. I start a new job. "Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you!" Psalm 116:7

What a year it has been. The Lord HAS been good to me. This time last year- I was preparing to move i…

Cake Pops

Baby showers....Wedding showers....Weddings...Birthday Parties....

These are events that will take place- NO MATTER what stage of life you are in. We all know people having babies, having birthdays, and getting hitched! :-)

So. With that said- I'd love to offer my services to you to help make those events a bit more fun....And original. :-)

I've been making Cake Pops for about two years now and have mastered the art of cake popping! :-) I've done cake pops for several weddings and multiple other events. If you'd like to order cake pops for your event- email me and I can give you pricing information.

In addition- if you've EATEN a cake pop of mine or had them for an event- leave some love in the comments as a referral :-) Gracias!

Here are a few pictures of different cake pops I've done.