Monday, June 27, 2011

United States Postal Service

I ordered a package at the end of May.

I've not yet received this package.

Granted- I did have an address change.

But here's the deal. When you have a tracking number for a package you should be able to locate it.

I've been on the phone with the post office 7 out of the 8 last mornings. 

They put me on hold. I listen to the same 6 notes of music that play. I've even begun singing harmony to the music. Then the person comes back on the phone- tells me they can't find it- and then gets my number.

Today. I asked the man for a phone number at the 'forwarding' office in Coppell.

He said "They don't have a phone number."

I said "Sir. This is the 21st century. I'm positive they have a phone number- now give it to me."

He said "let me put you on hold."

{starts the 'hold' music and I, again, start singing harmony to it.}

He said "I looked on the shelf and the package isn't there."

I said "Sir. for the past 7 days- there have been people lookin on that shelf. And everyone says the same thing. So now it's time for you to look somewhere OTHER than that shelf and find my package."

He says "Let me get my supervisor for you."

{music starts back up again}

Supervisor picks up the phone and I realize I've talked with her before (on Thursday of last week)

I said "Ma'am. We've spoken. I'm trying to find my package."

She said "Oh, you are Ms. Corso?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"May I get your phone number, Ms. Corso?"

I said "Debbie. Every person in your building has my number at this point and NO ONE has cared to use it. Why do you want my phone number?"

Debbie sighs....

I sigh.

She says "I'll call you back."


Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Update with pics via my iPhone

Last Wednesday morning I left my apartment with the intention of not returning until Sunday night. I headed to work-took care of business- then met up with my parents and sister at Dallas Love Field.

Upon arrival- mom handed me a brown paper bag with my name on it- and said "here are some snacks for the plane ride!" :-) That is just how my mom is. Always thinking of her girls. Always making sure we're happy and content.

Caralyn and I sat together on the plane ride. She listened to music and I read book 2 of the Hunger Games series....GO READ IT! It's amazing. :-) In addition- we of COURSE took lots of silly pictures together.

I know. I'm sure you don't appreciate how funny those pictures are as much as Caralyn and I did. But oh well :-) We had fun....So much that mom decided to join us ;-) I'll leave that picture out though unless she reads this and gives me permission to post it ;-)

We arrived in San Diego- waited for luggage- and stepped outside.

For some of you- you may think the above sentence is boring and not deserving of space on this blog post. But for those of you who can remember going to California for your first time- you know how amazing that moment was.

I stepped outside and immediately could have been fooled into believing that it REALLLY wasn't the middle of June. But no. God must love Californians more than He loves Texans. I'm sure of it after this weekend.

The weather was PERFECTION.

Anyways. Enough about the weather.

We get on the shuttle- head to a car rental place- and are on our way!
Lisa and Paul (bride and groom) were at the hotel waiting for us when we arrived!!!

We unloaded, took lots of pictures, then headed to dinner so that we could all meet Paul's family. We had dinner at BJ's and then called it a night. (and a late night it was- considering our bodies were telling us that it was really 2 hours later)

Oh. In addition- Lisa gave Caralyn and I THE best bridesmaid gifts I've ever received. Honestly. So much so- that I cried. (ok, and on the crying note- I think I've still got lots of tears that need to be had....But any time someone else cried- I would think to myself- ahhh! good! Ok- someone else is crying. It's ok for me to get a few tears out!)...With THAT said- You can rest assure that it was an emotional weekend. Emotional for one reason. Joy. There were no sad tears at this wedding. (well- ok maybe SOME sad tears- but not because Lisa was marrying Paul. There were only sad tears in regards to how we all felt that life was changing)

Thursday included cake pops (yup! I made cake pops in Cali!), pedicures, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and a bachelorette party!

Friday morning came and we all got ready to send Lisa down the aisle!

The location was GORGEOUS: Moonlight Beach- Encinitas, CA-

And the bridesmaids were pretty hott too!
But nothing....NOTHING- could have prepared me for the sight of THE most beautiful bride I've ever seen in my life.

Truly. The most beautiful bride.

The wedding went off without a hitch....Gorgeous. Weather was perfect. The setting was exquisite. The guests were amazing.

In addition- one other thing I noted this wedding weekend. Whoever marries a Corso sister is not just lucky because he's marrying a Corso sister. He's incredibly blessed to be marrying into the Corso/Scheatzle family. Really. The aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents that you will call family will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF. The whole weekend I had an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness. Grateful for my family.

We finished the night off with great food, dancing, and cake pops! :-)

Saturday morning- all the Corso's headed to Temecula for a day in the vineyards! YUM! :-)

My mom's side of the family headed to Sea World with the 2 youngest cousins.

We met up for dinner and called it a day.

Sunday we had breakfast/coffee outside- then went to the beach for the morning....As we said goodbye to everyone- it was amazing to be able to say to ALL OF THEM "see you in a month!!!"

We will see all of my mom's side of the family in a month for my cousin Rachel's wedding in Seattle-

The following week- we'll see all the Corso's in South Carolina for family vacation on the lake!
To those of you who survived this post- you're awesome. I know it was long- but wanted to get it documented!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I heard someone say a couple years ago "We are so often tempted to blame the devil for what is acutally just LIFE." For instance- something happens to our car and causes a huge bill.....We'll say "the enemy is just attacking." No, that's life. Things happen to our cars. Or, for instance- we have horrible traffic on our way to work, in addition- spilling our coffee all over ourself and our car, and then get stopped by a cop on the way to work. We like to blame the devil. No. That's not the devil. We should have left for work earlier- put a lid on our coffee, and drove the speed limit.

When I heard statement for the first time- I'm not gonna lie- It made me a bit edgy...I liked blaming the devil for crappy days. I didn't want somone to take that excuse away from me.

But honestly- the more I thought about it- the more it rang true.

This morning, however, I feel as though I got more clarity in regards to this idea.

The past 3 months have been incredible. I feel as though I finally took an area of my life that the devil had been targeting for YEARS and found victory. Seriously. For YEARS- an area of my heart had been an open target for the devil to come in and wreck havoc. 3 months ago- that changed. I realized what was going on- I called it for what it was- and made the necessary changes to make sure that area of my heart was not left unprotected.

Well. Satan was all to quick to move to another area. An area in which I thought I was doing well!  An area in which I thought I was trusting the Lord in . An area that I had no reason to be afraid.  Yeah- he slipped on in and started to wreck havoc THERE.  And I'm frustrated to say that it DID take me a week or 2 to realize what was going on- but here's what I realized this morning.

Those things that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog that we blame on the devil (the car issues, the spilled coffee, the driving ticket).... I don't think the devil is sitting around thinking "Hmmmm I want to screw up her car!" or "Hmmm. I want to have THIS cop purposefully pull her over this morning"...I think he could care less if our car works or if we get a ticket. But what he DOES want is for our attitude to be affected. He wants to alter our mood so that we are in no way bringing glory to God with our actions/words.

Something happens to our car causing a bill that is unexpected...He slips in and begins to feed us lies of " don't have enough money for that. The Lord really isn't providing for you. You can't trust Him with your finances." We then begin to doubt....and lose trust. We get pulled over by the cop adding to that bill we can't take care of. "See. If God knew about your finances- He'd have allowed you to slip by that cop without getting stopped. Cause He knows you can't take care of that bill." Trust continues to disappear. We begin to doubt the Lord. Putting us exactly where the devil wants us.

Was reading this morning when the Lord kind of gave me a new version of this verse.

Isaiah 43:2 (the Minda version is in parentheses)
When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you;
(when LIFE happens- I'm still with you)
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
(When you get that unexpected bill- it won't put you under)
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
(When life seems to be falling apart and the devil does his best to make you believe I've deserted you- I will NOT allow him to win)

Where my heart had been at peace- it was filled with fear. Where my heart had been confident- I was now uncertain. And all it took to change this was calling it for what it was.  Life is just happening. And the devil was wanting to make my heart/mind react.

I don't want to react to what's happening. I want my attitude and countenance to be the same in hard times and easier times.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Number 3 is here!

I met Amy when she was 3 months pregnant with her first son. I was at the hospital when Robert Bryan Sloan IV made his entrance to this world.
 When she delivered her 2nd baby- Juliet- I was out of town but made my way QUICKLY to her place as soon as I was in town and got to meet her on her one week birthday :-)

Yesterday- I got to meet Lincoln Harris Sloan. :-)

I love this family. I love their babies. And I love our friendship. Amy, you are a STUNNING mother I love watching you as a mom!

Love you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Maybe it's the fact that I'm going to be traveling a LOT in the next 4 months....or maybe it's the fact that I'm coming up on my 10 year high school reunion.  It could also be that one of my best friends in the world just informed me that she's moving 1500 miles away as she took a new teaching job.

But either way. Getting out of Texas is on my mind.

I wonder if I'd be brave enough to do anything about it, though.

The idea is tempting. The idea, once thought about for too long, though, is scary.

Either way. My heart is aching.

One of my friends who I'm the most "Minda" around.....she's leaving.  Do we hang out every week? No. But is she the first person I call when I need to get away and breathe? Yeah.

Washington DC is too far.

This is a sad blog post. But my heart is sad. So there you go.

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