Thursday, June 27, 2013

The one where it all picked up

I took this photo a year ago.  Even looking at it now, I still can't believe I was able to be in a room where taking such a picture would even be possible. And to think that life would even get more exciting from here. It's crazy.

My first 6 months in Tallahassee at the new job- I wouldn't have called them boring- AT ALL- but it was definitely the learning phase. Learning the Foundation. Learning our mission. Learning how to be their voice on social media.

Then June came along. And life became FUN. Lots of fun. Life picked up. I went from sitting in my little office communicating with people via Twitter to sitting in a room with a presidential candidate, to Disney World, to the RNC (OMG), to DC, back to DC again, apartments burning down, moving to DC, traveling to Arkansas, attending conferences.... I mean really. Life picked up. 20 months in to my job with the Foundation and I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I mean that.

In other news, not much to update as of late. Enjoyed a week of working while at the lake in South Carolina. Was nice to have a change of scenery (aka- my favorite view). But all in all? Still loving DC. It's good. Although I had quite a rough morning today. Not gonna lie. From the time I woke up, things had just not been working out as I would have preferred. I was getting off the metro and finding myself muttering and complaining when I walked passed a man who was digging in the trash. I saw him pull out a container, open it, and take a bite of whatever food was there. He threw it back in and went for another brown bag to see if there were any leftovers in it.

Let's just say my muttering and complaining stopped really quickly. Grateful I was able to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee this morning with my fresh breakfast. In an apartment that had a/c. After having woken up from a restful night of sleep in my amazing bed.

Get the picture? Yeah. I'm grateful.

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