Friday, December 2, 2011

Opening a Conversation

I'd like to open a conversation with you.

I've read 2 articles recently that have got me thinking.

And a blog is one way to open a conversation that invites response, yes?

So here goes.

If you leave a comment- make sure to click the button that says "email follow up responses" so you can stay part of the convo. (I know, blogspot needs to get better about this, but for now- just click the box.)

Here is article number 1:

Here is article number 2:

There is a new show coming up on TLC called something like "The Virgin Diaries" or something. I have to say. I've watched the preview clips and it is mortifying and embarrassing. If I were 15 and watching- I'd say "Find me the closest guy and let's get it on!" in attempts to not let that be my story. They have made the clips downright horrifying.

Yeah, I'm being honest here.

The statistics are mind-blowing in my opinion.

Are they crazy to you?

Are people still waiting? Are YOU still waiting? If you are married- was this important to you?



  1. Saw those previews and cringed just as much at media making fun of Christians as I did at the crazy crap they showed. Ugh. I am so, so committed to seeing our generation and my kid's generation turn these stereotypes around though. And I get it, I get all the pressures internally and externally that lead to not waiting. I wrote this a while back
    and honestly am working towards ways to make this into a ministry of sorts. Anywho. Yes, people still wait. Not many of them, but that's not the point. The point is the reason for waiting is still the same~ life and life abundantly. And the consequence of not waiting is death. Thanks for opening up the conversation.

  2. This is a topic so dear to my heart. I am waiting. Have I gotten in over my head at times? Yes. Have I needed grace like I need air? Yes. Have I wondered why on earth I'm putting myself through this? Yes. But even though my beliefs about some things have changed and grown as I've gotten older, this has remained the same. If I am steadfast in one area, it is this one. I have seen too much heartbreak in the lives of very dear friends to let this go. I'm in what feels like a very LONG season of wondering what the Lord could possibly doing that's distracting Him from helping me arrive at the marriage and family my heart breaks for, but my resolve does not waver. Jesus is good. He is that good. He is worth it. I almost never comment on blogs but you brought up exactly what I've been talking about with the Lord lately- why we're doing what we're doing (the Lord and I) in this stage of my life and what the purpose is for each aspect of this part of the journey. :) Way to be bold, Miss Minda. Loving your writing. :)

  3. Not sure why it didn't post my name, but that was me above. :)

  4. @Amber- great article. Thanks for sharing that! And you are right- the reason for waiting is the same...Life and life abundantly....But the reason for NOT waiting could be described as the abundantly. People want to live life to the full. Interesting.

    @Rachel- thanks for commenting. Glad it's a convo you've already been having with Him. And thanks for reading. :-)

  5. One of THE greatest rewards i received entering into marriage was being able to give the gift of purity to my husband. Honestly there are days STILL after being married a little over a year that I think about "What if I would not have waited?" --the thought honestly scares me. I have not ever looked back and said "Eh, it wasn't THAT big of a deal, I shoulda just done it and gotten it over with." It's the one thing in my marriage that I constantly think: "Dear God, I am SO glad I waited."

    Entering into a sexual covenant in marriage is a weighty thing on it's own, you are a creating soul ties with the person. My mind can not even imagine just casually having sex with random people.

    Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to add a heavy spiritual weight to the act of marriage. It is spiritual, it's fun, it hard sometimes, but if you take a step back to see it through the eyes of the Lord, it's a totally different case. From the looks of this show it almost seems to highlight those socially awkward people who have NEVER even seen someone of the opposite sex in their bathing suit. Sad, but I really hope they do not ping Christianity to these people unless they are NORMAL and not socially awkward.

    Anyway...there's my thoughts... I might have more later. :)


  6. another video I came across. Again. I'm just shaking my head. Is this for REAL!?!?


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