Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Pitiful Story

Last week I made plans with a couple of co-workers for them to come over to my apartment for dinner. You people know me...I'm always hosting and cooking. And just because I live in a new state and city doesn't mean I still can't do that here.

(I'm well aware that a few of my coworkers might be reading this blog...and I'm well aware that this is going to make me sound pitiful...But i'm willing to risk that for the sake of my OTHER readers who care to know how i'm doing in Tally)

So last week when I made the plans I was stoked. My place was decorated for Christmas and what good are Christmas trees, beautiful decorations, and Christmas music without people to share it with?!?! I had a spot for 3 people at my table so I invited 3 people. (one is not a coworker- but family of one of the coworkers)

The plan was for them to come over on Thursday night.

Well. Wednesday afternoon/evening I began to feel the effects of food poisoning. I got home from the gym and felt miserable. Thursday morning I woke up feeling the same way....BUT. As I was about to email my boss to tell her I'd be out sick, I realized that if I were to be home 'sick' then my coworkers would NOT come over to my place for dinner!!!  And I knew I wasn't contagious sick and 'dont' be around me' sick....but just FOOD freaking POISONING sick....

So. I did what any crazy insane person would do. I went to work.
I don't know if many of you have ever had food poisoning but it is NOT fun. And to  be at WORK with food poisoning? Yeah, that's awful.

When I talked to my sister, Lisa, and explained WHY I was at work, she responded "Minda! That's just pitiful."

Yes, yes I know.

But it's not often I have people coming over to my apartment here in Tally and I didn't want to miss out.

SO. Got home from work on Thursday, made dinner, got the apartment all ready and had my coworkers over. I'd made appetizers, homemade soup, mini apple pies for dessert and had a great time.

But the moment that door shut on their way out, let me tell you. It was not pretty, folks. :-) (<-- i only put a smiley face there to make that sentence not seem so horrible.)

I went to bed and woke up Friday morning STILLLLLL feeling awful. I called in sick and stayed home. Like I SHOULD have done on Thursday.

So. I'm mostly back to normal today.

I think :-)

And to those who will see me this weekend or any time in the near future....I wasn't SICK so don't feel like you have to avoid me :-)

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