Friday, February 10, 2012

Dallas Meets Tallahassee

One week ago, Jen and Laura stepped onto Florida soil ready for a fun filled weekend.  We started the weekend off with lunch in Jacksonville overlooking the water on an outdoor patio at the Rivercity Brewing Company. It was a delicious meal of fish tacos, iced tea, and conversation that I've been ACHING to have since leaving Dallas.

After lunch we walked around for just a moment before seeing a NineWest outlet store. Of course we had to peruse the shoes and each ended up walking away with some saucy shoes! :-) FANCY!

Now THAT is how a great girls weekend starts off!

We drove back to Tallahassee and the girls got to see my apartment!! I loved the fact that they now know what my place looks like and when they think of me- they can know exactly my surroundings. :-)

That night we were going to try and arrange to have dinner with some people from my new church- but that didn't end up working out so instead we ate then headed back to the apartment for a night in!

Saturday morning we woke up and had a lazy morning! I made banana pancakes, cinnamon apples, coffee, and LOOOOOVED sitting on the couch with them drinking coffee. Seriously. Best ever.

We finally got out of the apartment around 1:30 and I took them on the (very SHORT) tour of Tallahassee. I showed them my office and we went to a really cute cupcake shop. OOOOOOH. And we stopped in a little shop called Kanvas- and I bought RED lipstick. Holla.  We made a stop for sonic drinks before heading to Hobby Lobby (jen had NEVER been before! {gasp})

Once getting back to the apartment- I pulled dinner together fast and we had pot roast (that I'd put in the crock pot that morning), mac and cheese, and roasted carrots.

After dinner we decided instead of going out we wanted to hang out at the apartment. So we did the normaly 'stay-in' girly type things :-)

Painted Nails..

Tried new hairstyles

and watched You've Got Mail :-)

Sunday morning we attended church- which happened to be the Grand Opening Launch service for the new church that I'm attending- and got to meet lots of new people! I'm so excited about Emerge Church and all that is about to start taking place in Tallahassee!

After church we 'napped' for a while, played card games, and then headed out to watch the Superbowl with friends. (Yay, giants!)  And yes. I wore my Dallas Cowboy jersey...AND red lipstick :-)

Monday morning came WAYYYYY too early. Because we were headed to Panama City Beach- we didn't get to do TOO much hoopla for Jennifer's birthday (who turned 25!!!!!) but we did have a Panera breakfast/coffee and drove out to the beach!

Upon arrival we stopped off at a little pier shopping center and did some morning window shopping. We then found a spot overlooking the ocean (ok, the gulf coast) and sat to, again, enjoy iced tea and fish tacos! It was quite possibly the most delightful lunch. A gorgeous view, dear friends, and great iced tea ;-)

(this was also after I lost my sunglasses)

Happy birthday beautiful Jennifer!!!

I am so grateful these girls were able to come out to Florida to visit me. Seriously, Jen and Laura- you will never know how big of a deal this past weekend was for me. I love you both so much and can't wait to see your faces again.

I don't think I was prepared for how emotional it would be upon their leaving.


After I got back to Tallahassee I went to the gym for my evening run, then headed back to the apartment and it was SOOOOOOOOOO empty.

Not a great feeling.

Ready for my next visitors :-)


  1. How is it even POSSIBLE that Jen had never been to Hobby Lobby before?!

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  2. is it emotional for you?????well, it is great one...

  3. Yay for friends who visit :)



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