Saturday, March 10, 2012

all in one year.

As a 27 year old, I did the following:
-wrapped up a season of 60 weddings within a year and a half.
-Married off 2 roommates
-Traveled to California for my first time ever
-Watched as my sister was THE most beautiful bride there has ever been
-Gained a Brother-In-Law!
-Headed to Seattle to see the first of my cousins get married!
-Learned one of the most valuable lessons thus far in my life
-That valuable lesson was followed up with THIS post
-Traveled to South Carolina for VACATION with family!
-Went on my first 'girls vacation' BACK to South Carolina with some incredible girls! (I've done road trips, etc- with friends- but this was my first airplane vacation with friends!)
-Started writing not one, but 2 books. Yes. 2 books.
-Oh yeah, moved to Florida. :-)
-Started new incredible job
-Enjoyed my first WEEK of that new job in San Francisco!
-Packed up and drove to Florida with Helen
-Enjoyed Thanksgiving day with my dad at Cowboy Stadium!
-Watched my baby sister graduate from nursing school!
-Spent my very first Christmas away from mom/dad/lisa/caralyn
-Lay (layed, laid?)  on a beach (yes, IN MY SWIMSUIT) for the very first time in February.
-Played piano and sang in front of people at church for the very first time.

Welp. 27, you were a good year.

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