Monday, March 5, 2012

One Week Left

I turn 28 in one week.

I'd ask for suggestions as to what to do this last week as a 27-year-old to make it a 'stand out' year- but I'd say packing up my life, moving across the country, starting a new job, helping plant a church, and beginning the process of writing not one- but two books is quite enough for this past year.

I have to admit- my actual birthday last year was one of my least favorite. The day couldn't have started off worse, and it ended at church with me bawling my eyes out. Not just a 'few tears' kind of cry- but a ridiculous amount of crying. I'd asked God for some pretty big things specifically for the year 26. With the arrival of March 12 meant that those things I'd prayed for had not come to pass. Last year on my birthday- it felt as though the entire day was a reminder that my prayers had not been answered. That's not a way to celebrate.

Looking back, today, I'm grateful He didn't answer those prayers. If he had, I would not be where I am today. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt like heck, but I am grateful.

So, instead of crying this year on my birthday, I'm going to reverse those tears and celebrate the fact He didn't answer my prayers the way I wanted Him to. :-) Not quite sure what that 'celebration' will look like, but I'm guessing it will involve something staying inside all day considering my allergies in Tallahassee are CUH-RAZY right now.

With that said, I'm wondering what year 28 will bring.

For those of you who are 28 or older (and for those that can remember) can any of you tell me what you remember most about year 28? Was it a good year for you? A tough year? What happened in year 28 for you that made it a stand-out year?


  1. Jiminy. I stopped paying attention to specific years after 21 or so. Beyond that they don't earn you any privileges, just inch you closer to death.

    Oh, happy birthday!

  2. had my first baby, finished my MA, lived out of a suitcase for 10 months, had no real job and no significant support, and packed up to move overseas. it was a pretty big year for me :) a good learning and faith-building year for sure!!


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