Friday, May 25, 2012

Spin the wheel

Upon moving to Florida, I somehow had a new fear instilled in me.  A fear of alligators.

I've never seen one while living here. And I hope to never see one.

But still, I am VERY afraid of them now.

So much so, that every time I see a busted tire on the side of the road? My first thought: It's an Alligator.

A big stick? An alligator.

Trash on the side of the road? An alligator.

And this morning, the best one yet.

A mutilated pine cone on the ground: Must be a baby alligator.

Aside for THAT craziness, this morning on Kidd Kraddick I heard a random phrase that sent my mind spinning. The only phrase I heard was this:

"A wheel of body parts. Spin the wheel to see what you get."

I turned off the radio, but the thoughts that followed were this:

Hm. Can you imagine when God created us if He thought "I'll give every person ONE body part that is absolutely perfect. And in order to choose which part, I'll spin a wheel."

Obviously, when He created Carrie Underwood, the wheel landed on "legs."

or Celine Dion "vocal chords."

Patrick Dempsey clearly had the wheel land on "hair."

Sucks to be the person who had the wheel land on "appendix."  Or "tonsils." Even better, "wisdom teeth."

All that to say, I'm glad it's Friday.  And I'm glad God didn't create us that way.

Welcome to my crazy brain.


  1. HAHAHA! I want to meet someone whose wheel landed on "elbows" or "knees" or "ankles".

    1. and in addition, after 4 years of this blog, I finally figured out how to set it up so that i can reply INDIVIDUALLY to each comment.

  2. hahah this is awesome! love it. and we are going to st. marks one day and we will see an alligator :)

    1. see my comment above to Esther. :-)

  3. @Esther- HAAAA. I love it.
    @Laura um.....maybe not. :-) I dont' think i need to see one ;-)

  4. Bahahahahaha! Oh my word. You're brilliant and hilarious. PS: Chuck Norris got perfect everything. He's even a ginger! WINNING.


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