Saturday, September 29, 2012

The one where we do life.

Saturdays in Dallas usually meant sleeping in, then rolling out of bed to meet up with close girlfriends for brunch and coffee. Usually it was at my apartment, so I really COULD roll out of bed.

These are the moments where, as cheezy as it may sound, we truly DID LIFE together. We didn't just talk about what we'd done the previous week. We didn't talk just about events we'd gone to or surface-y type things.

These are the mornings we opened up and talked about what was reallllly going on in our life. What was challenging us. About areas in our life we needed someone to stand with us and believe with us that God was good and had our best in mind.

Saturdays are usually the days I miss Dallas the most.

I needed those friends this weekend.

I called two girls here in Tallahassee and said "I'll have breakfast and coffee if you'll just come sit on my couch!"

They came.

We talked. (ok, I mostly talked...but a lot has been going on!)

It was good. Thanks Laura and Lindsey. Grateful you are both in Tallahassee and are willing to do life with me!

Life was not meant to be done alone.

Who do you do life with?

Who pushes you to be better? To grow? To not just skirt by? Who challenges you?

I was spoiled in Dallas. I know that. The community I had in Dallas was NOT normal for most.

I'm grateful for that time though, because I know what life CAN look like. And I will not settle for anything less.

Do life with someone. It's more fun. And it makes you a better person.

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