Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The one with the acceptance

Today marks one year. One year ago I was on my way to celebrate my mom's birthday in Dallas when I called Jaryn. We had played a bit of phone tag throughout the day and I asked "Is this a good time?"

She responded "I'm sitting at the airport in Indianapolis. Attended a conference that covered social media....and I'm hoping you are calling to tell me you are accepting the job!" 

That's exactly why I was calling. 

Funny thing is, I leave Sunday for Indianapolis. The exact conference she was at. I'll be there as THE social media person. 

So glad I accepted. There has not been a SINGLE day....let's take that further....there has not been a single MOMENT where I've regretted accepting this job. 

Obviously, there are a lot more 'one year anniversaries' coming up. I'll try not to blog about each of them. ;-)

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