Saturday, February 9, 2013

The one where I have a roommate...then I don't....Then I do again!

When I moved to Tallahassee in the Fall of 2011, one of the biggest adjustments I faced was living alone. For all but one year of my then 27 years of life, I'd lived with people; My family for the first 18 years, in the dorms for the next 2 years, and with an assortment of roommates the next 7 years. In the 4 years prior to the move, I'd lived with 6 people. All 6 of those girls are now married (the reason I had to keep finding new roommates) and moving to Tallahassee alone would prove to be a bigger challenge than I'd expected.

I'd like to think growing up as the middle of three girls helped me be a better roommate, but let's be honest. I wasn't the greatest roommate to my sisters. #Whoops. (yes, I just inserted twitter-speak into a blog post.)

Either way, I know a LOT of people who prefer living alone.

And while I DID adjust to living alone in Tallahassee, it wasn't my preferred choice.

So moving to DC with a new roommate whose plan is to be in DC two weeks and Tallahassee two weeks every month, I'd thought I'd just gotten the best of both worlds. Seriously! A roommate half the time and my own place the other half!

Until this weekend.

Moving to DC and having Jaryn here the first 2 weeks reminded me how much I like having a roommate! Life is more fun. It's not as quiet. I have someone to cook for. The apartment stays more clean (accountability, people!). And let's be honest: I prefer sharing a pot of coffee rather than going back for the 3rd (or 4th) cup and realizing I drank it all by myself.

So all that to say....time for the next cup of coffee since no one else is here to drink it.

Bottom line: I like people (and all the drama that comes with them) more than I like living alone.

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