Saturday, December 6, 2014

The one with the ring

Meet Jess.

While we DO work together, we're more than coworkers. She is a dear friend.

Jess moved to DC last year with her husband and their sidekick of a dog, Freddy.

We became running buddies, as it's always good to have a friend who runs the same pace as you!

The days she is in the office are my favorite days of the week.

On an especially cold and rainy Monday, Jess and I made our normal morning trek to get coffee. We'd been out of the office for almost 2 weeks and we had a LOT to catch up on! She'd gone on a cruise for Thanksgiving break, I'd gone to Texas and NYC.

We got back to the office with our coffee and resumed or mornings.

About 40 minutes later, I was in the middle of a conference call when Jess came into my office a bit stressed and started scanning the floor and my desk. She then walked out. I wasn't at a point where I could figure out what was happening, so just made a point to follow up with her later.

I went down to her office after my call and found a very nervous looking Jess.

She said "I can't find my engagement ring."

She'd been in contact with her husband who works closer to their house and he was going to see if it was there. But she remembered seeing the ring on her finger this morning while in route to the office via the metro. She knew the ring was lost. What a sick, sick feeling. I was sick for her.

I reminded Jess about a story in the Old Testament in which a group of prophets were cutting down trees in order to build a shelter. While in the process, the axe they were using fell into a body of water and the guy exclaimed "it was a borrowed axe!" Elisha asked where exactly it fell, and prayed for the axe to resurface. The axe floated to the top of the water and they were able to pull it out.

My dad had reminded me about this story several years ago when I'd lost something of importance to me. We prayed for it to resurface and it did.

I prayed with Jess that the ring would do just that. That it would resurface.

I went over to Starbucks and retraced our steps- finding nothing. She called the metro. Found nothing. Her husband called back and said it wasn't at home.

Jess left work and had a pretty emotional night. Understandably.

I continued to pray for the ring to resurface.

The next morning, I got to work, heard Jess come around the corner, and found this:

While cleaning that night, Starbucks found the ring. When Jess came back over to the office and showed us, I couldn't help but cry. I don't always have prayers answered the way I want them to be answered, but He is never beyond showing up and showing off. I absolutely loved having a prayer like that answered. He made the ring resurface. He hears us when we pray. He really does. 

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