Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11th Hour Wind

This morning I was reading in Exodus and was at the point in the story in which the Egyptians are chasing after the Israelites and the Israelites are facing the Red Sea.

You need some back history? Ok.

Joseph. Remember him? His dad gave him the coat of many colors. His brothers became envious and sold him into slavery. He sits in prison for a LONG time but then interprets a dream that not only gets him OUT of prison- but places him as one of the top men in the palace. He then brings all his family (and cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts...etc) to Egypt to be saved from the famine.

Well. Joesph dies- and the new Pharaoh doesn't know about Joesph and how he saved the nation. So he sees all Joseph's people (which has grown exponentially at this point) and says "They are taking over! Let's make them our slaves." 

So now they are oppressed, beaten, and just downright miserable. Enter Moses. He comes in and becomes the famous "Let My People Go" man.

Yeah. You've heard of him. God uses him to bring frogs, locusts, gnats, etc....all to torment the people of Egypt so that they'll abandon their cause and just let the Israelites (those are Joseph's people) go.

Now. They've gotten out. Moses said "Let my people go!" and Pharaoh says "take yo people and go."

So they go. But then the Egyptians are so lazy at this point and need someone to wash their clothes, bring them grapes, and fan them when they start to sweat. Yeah. They needed their slaves back. So they decided to go after them.

NOW. We're back to the original story.

So the Israelites are facing the Red Sea with the Egyptians on their heels.

God tells Moses to stretch forth his hand over the sea and all night long- the Lord drives the sea back with a strong wind and made it dry land.

Point number 1. As Priscilla Shirer said at Pink Impact 2011....If you are facing a Red Sea....then you get to WITNESS a Red Sea being split for you.

How true is this?!?! They got to witness first hand the power of God and his ability to work on their behalf.

Are you facing a "Red Sea?" I am.  But I'm SO excited to see how the Lord is going to send in that wind to part the water.

Point number 2. This morning as I was reading through Exodus 14...I realized another thing. Right after the water is parted, the Israelites begin to cross over to the other side. But guess who else starts to cross over too? 

I'm sure they are thinking..."umm.....You've making a way for us too but these people are STILLLLL following!!!" God wasn't done yet. Verse 24 says "During the LAST WATCH of the night, the Lord looked down at the Egyptian army and threw it into confusion. Wheels started to come off their chariots." Then. Waters went back to their original place. While the Egyptians were still in the middle. Yeah. He just did that.

The phrase 'last watch' stood out to me like a sore thumb. 

Anyone else think that God always moves at the 'last minute' possible?

No. It's in His perfect timing.

To the Israelites- they were in an '11th hour' situation. And in the last watch...God wiped out their enemy with one swoop.

You may feel as though you're in a last minute situation.  I know I do right now.

But during the last watch, He'll seal the deal and leave you standing in awe.

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