Friday, September 16, 2011

Faithfulness, Part 5- Christian

2 years ago, my community of friends at Gateway got a HUGE blessing when James and Christian Lee came around.  I'd tweeted one afternoon that I was wanting to get my rollerblades out of the closet and was looking to see if anyone I knew had blades to come with me.  James tweeted back to me and said "my wife Christian loves to rollerblade! We'll come meet you!"  And that's how I met Christian! We went blading that day around a park in Irving and when you've got plenty of time- that's a LOT of time for ME to ask questions. And asking questions, oh- how I DO love that. :-)

Christian is a woman that I have been SO encouraged to watch. She was one of the first married ladies in my current community and watching her relationship with James has been nothing short of inspiring. The way she honors her husband in speech and in action...The way she has made her house into a HOME...The way she loves Jesus.  She has navigated this season of marriage with ease and dignity. Last summer- when she'd let me know they were trying to get pregnant- I prayed for this baby like crazy. So- when I heard the news several months ago- to say I was excited would be a HUGE understatement... I'm SOOOOO flippin ready for "Baby Lee" to make her arrival!! Baby Lee, God is placing you into a home that is FAR beyond what most kids get. Your mom and dad love Jesus & love people.

Here's Christian's account of God's faithfulness in her life:

My life is fairly simple. I try not to buy things we don't need, I declutter often and I just simply love to live. James (my husband) and I often have talks about how both of us don't require a lot of "things" and just live with what we have. Of course, we splurge every now and again, but most of the time we just simply live. I say all of this to say, I think things are about to change! We are expecting Baby Lee in January. We are super excited but we are finding out she will require a lot of "things." I'm trying not to freak out about all the things that will just have to be out in the open and not neatly put away in its place. Babies require a lot...and I'm sure I haven't even thought about half of the things we are going to need. But I wouldn't trade any of this, the money we are going to spend, the extra pressures of being a parent, the baby stuff around the house because she is an answer to prayer :) (And Ms. Minda was part of all that praying!!)

Last fall, James started traveling every week from the middle of August until November. He would leave on Wednesday mornings and come back Sunday morning or afternoon. Knowing this was coming up, we started trying for our baby the beginning of last summer. In my mind we had 3 months to get the job done. If it didn't happen in those 3 months, then my life would just be ruined. Well, it didn't happen in those 3 months and it turns out, my life was not ruined. Imagine that! That season with James traveling was better than I could have imagined. Not because he was gone all the time, but because even though he was not physically with me, we still grew closer together. It's very hard to explain. Well, nevermind, it's not. God. That explains it!

We continued to try and I went through a lot of emotions and the devil really tried to attack me. I would get thoughts like "you aren't ready to be a parent" or "your body isn't good enough to carry a child" I'm so thankful that James was there to help me through all of those lies. He's so great at comforting me! We got lots of questions about if I was taking my temperature every morning, was I writing everything down in a calendar so I would know when it was "time" and many other questions. I did try these things but only for a short time and by short time I mean, maybe a month, if that. I felt like I was trying to be in control of the situation and honestly, I didn't want to be in control. I wanted it to happen when He wanted it to happen.

And He wanted it to happen this past May. Our prayers were answered. And it was the perfect timing. I have absolutely LOVED being pregnant. From maternity pants (my new favorite thing!) to feeling flutters in my tummy to seeing her yawn in a sonogram and so many other things. It has been the best 5 months so far and I know it will only get better in the months and years to come. She will be loved, she will be spoiled and she will have lots of stuff. And I'm totally ok with that! His timing is perfect. He. Is. Faithful.

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