Friday, October 28, 2011

A few picture updates:

So the weather my first week in Tally was cuh-razy. Here's a comparison to Dallas!

My first weekend in Tally, Carl and Jennifer took me to an FSU game! Here's me with my $10 shirt I sported:

And a picture inside the stadium!

The 2nd week in the office we packed up and moved due to growing out of the space. Here's the view from my new office from yesterday morning:

In addition, a view from the parking garage this morning!!! SPECTACULAR!

Also- due to just all the craziness of my move, the fact that the movers have not arrived...the fact I've been sleepin on an air mattress for 18 days....all of these things have started to take a toll on my body. Here's what my computer area looked like this week:

If you'd not heard yet- my movers have not yet arrived.

Still waiting.

Not feeling settled at ALL in Tally.

Ready for my belongings to arrive here.

Like, yesterday.

But all in all- my coworkers are awesome and have been so kind.
I'm becoming more and more familiar with the city. (Shouldn't take TOO long considering it's SOOOO Much smaller compared to Dallas.)

That's all for now :-)

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