Thursday, October 13, 2011

The goodbye party...

I have a feeling that if I keep waiting to find time to update the blog, I'll get so far behind and won't be able to update all that I want! So I'll break this up a bit and blog about it in pieces.

Let's back up a bit.

Friday night. My friends threw the most amazing 'going' away' party ever. To say that I was overwhelmed, honored, encouraged....well. That would just be understating how I felt. All day on Friday- I knew the party was coming and was well aware that I would most likely fall apart. The entire day- I had a sick feeling in my stomach and was just at a loss with how to deal with all the emotions and feelings I was experiencing.

As I pulled up to the party I received a phone call from my new boss saying they would pay a certain amount of money for my move- which would cover the movers. HOLY MOTHER! I was SOOOOOO freaking relieved. There were so many things that needed to happen in a matter of 3 days and I was, again, at a loss with how to deal.

Friday. 6:45pm. (2.5 days before I have to leave for San Francisco) I finally have information about how my belongings will be getting to Florida.

At the party....

Such sweet friends that prepared and planned.... a great setting, great food (well, I'm assuming it's great...I didn't have a second to eat any of it!) :-)...And an amazing crew of people. As I was watching people arrive- I looked out a window and my jaw DROPPED.  The couple I saw walking towards the room had stunned me. Chet and Debbie are from Paris and were part of my home church in East Texas. They drove in to attend the party and see me off!!! I was SO surprised....Chet and Debbie....that meant SOOO much to me!

As friends arrived, I continued to talk, mingle, and make my way around the room. After about an hour, Jen motioned everyone to gather around. She'd arranged for several Floridians that live in Dallas to share some things I need to know about living in Florida...including football teams to be aware of, Tim Tebow (mmmhmmm!) and how to run away from an alligator.

Then. The floor was opened up for people to share their thoughts or words of encouragement to me.
I couldn't begin to type out how honoring it was. For those of you who shared in the big group....again. Saying I was 'honored' sounds so weak in comparison to how my heart felt. There is NO doubt in my mind that I'm loved in Dallas.

For those who came to me after and privately shared with me, your words (and tears) meant the world to me.

As I was beginning to say bye to people- I'd not even processed the fact that I'd be saying bye to my parents this evening as well. Umm......was NOT prepared for that.

But mom and dad....I'm SO glad you were able to come and be a part of that evening. I hope you felt honored as well.

Overall, Friday night was a night I will remember for the rest of my life, I'm sure. There are cards, and letters that I received that evening that I've not yet opened. I wanted  to save them and open them once in Florida. So if you gave me a card....I am SO excited to open it :-) I'll do that soon!

To those who brought food, decorations, flowers....(Laura, Jen, Brooke, Raven....others?) Thanks for making the evening possible. My heart is grateful.

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