Friday, October 14, 2011

The Last Weekend

So after the going away party- now that I knew movers would be coming to take my stuff to Florida, I knew how to pack. And let the chaos begin.

Saturday morning I woke up for an early breakfast with Laura for one last goodbye. Such a sweet time, but let's be honest. The ugly cry came. I sure do love that woman.

After breakfast, my friend Lauren came over to the apartment to help make some sense of all my stuff. What an INCREDIBLE blessing she was. Lauren...I know I said something multiple times, but SERIOUSLY. You helped out SO much! 

Saturday evening I went to my last service at Gateway, then in typical Gateway Saturday night church fashion, we got a group of friends together for dinner after.

After dinner, Ashley Movold asked me if we could go grab ice DUH!!Yes please :-)  And let me tell you. The next 2 hours were some of the sweetest hours. We sat underneath an awning outside of Starbucks with our chocolate ice cream and chatted for a while. Sweet Ashley, that HONESTLY was one of my favorite moments in Dallas. What a perfect night.

Sunday morning I woke up and drove out to Aledo to meet up with THIS sweet family. Amy, you and your family deserve your own seperate blog post. I will do that in the near future, but man, oh man. You and your family have been such a breath of fresh air. You've been my escape when I needed to think. Your kids have loved me. YOU have loved me. From birthday parties, to baby dedications....There's not a moment in their lives that I would want to miss. Amy, your friendship has meant more to me than I could sum up in this blurb.  Know that i love you.

After meeting up with Amy, I drove to Dallas to say bye to my Fantasy football guys who were watching the Tampa Bay/49'ers game. I bawled the entire drive there. I kept it together while saying bye- then cried on my way home. I love that crew.

Thennnn. Back home for more packing.

I packed all evening- then around 9:30pm my friend Rachel came over with coffee to keep me going! I had less than 12 hours before movers were going to be there to take all my stuff!!! Went to bed around 1:30- then woke up at 6am to finish up. The movers were there at 8:45 on Monday morning- had my stuff wrapped and loaded up by 11, (in addition- cost $500 more than they said......dang it.) and then I raced off to the airport!!!

Got to the airport and basically sat in exhaustion waiting for my flight to San Francisco.

While waitin- I figured I should get coffee, got in line, and saw a DALLAS starbucks mug. Never before had I needed one. As I picked it up and handed it over to the cashier, I started bawling. The barista looked at me kinda funny, I said "sorry..." then walked away with my coffee and my Dallas mug.

And that, my friends is my last weekend in Dallas.

The San Francisco blog post is next. :-)

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