Tuesday, October 18, 2011

San Francisco

Well well well. Let me first say, I did NOT leave my heart in San Francisco. :-)  After the Starbucks incident, I got on the plane and was off! As life would have it, I sat next to a couple that were on their honeymoon.  And honeymooning, they were. When I arrived in SF, I went to hail my first taxi cab when I heard that prices were better if I did a shared cab ride. Um, yes. Dave Ramsey would approve- even if I wasn't the one paying for the cab! Being frugal with money other than my own. BAM.

So once I arrived- it was after dark and I missed seeing any part of the city. Arrived at the hotel and was left standing with my mouth gaping open. It was GORGEOUS!!!  I got to my room (a king sized room, I might add) and kinda did a happy dance. It was 7:30pm, I was exhausted, and I didn't have to be anywhere til 9am the following day.

I slept about 10 hours, got ready, stepped outside the hotel and went directly to my right where on the corner sat the lovely green sign advertising my happy drink. Yes, Starbucks was RIGHT there. I had a coffee, oatmeal, and began my day.

Got to meet the coworkers, and was thrown right into work. The next 96 hours were some of the craziest, sleep-deprived, but awesome hours. On Tuesday night Jeb took the team to dinner at a place called Restaurant LuLu and it was DIVINE. Delicious food. Seriously.

On Wednesday afternoon/early evening, I DID get out of the hotel for about 30 minutes and in that short time, I got to see the bay, a ferry, See's Candy shop, and a naked man. 

Yes. Yes I did. There  were a group of protesters out and about and yeah. A man...no towel, no sign to cover anything....completely nude. Walking around. I kept asking my co-worker, Clare, 'HOW CAN HE DO THAT!??!?!? Why is that LEGAL!?!?!?"

She was laughing at my complete shock...and yeah, I kinda was overwhelmed. I mean. Really. There were even police men standing around not doing anything about it.

Well. The next day at the conference- I'm talking with several news anchors and they'd asked me how I liked SF so far. I said "well, mostly I've been in the hotel the entire time, but I DID get out..." And i proceeded to share with them what I saw. They began laughing and the lady said "did you get a picture?!?!?

Um. Did I get a picture?!?! NO WAY! She said "you need to get a picture so you can go back home with stories." I proceeded to tell her that I have a blog that will for SURE be updated with stories but a picture would NOT be needed :-) Anywho- we talked for about 30 minutes while we were waiting for the Governor to be available for an interview. After about 30 minutes, I stepped out of the room for a moment, came back in and they said "forget the interview- we just want to leave the hotel and take you around SF!!!!"  :-)

Either way- the lady got her story, had to rush back (in her CRAZY amazing high heels she was wearing) and we said farewell. Well. 15 minutes later, Anna came back. In her heels. With her phone out and a HUGE grin. She said "I was several blocks away when I saw a naked man!!! I told him I needed to take his picture for a girl I just met so she could post it on her blog!!!" 

I'm so not kidding. Anna then emailed me this picture she'd taken. She was thrilled.

SOOOOOO. That's my SF naked man story.

The summit wrapped up (Melinda Gates spoke as well as Rupert Murdoch) and was a huge success. I wasn't kidding when I said sleep deprived. I was going to bed at 1 and 2am and waking up at 4:45am.

I left Friday at 4:30pm- arrived in Dallas at 10:50pm....and that sums up the conference week.

Up next....the move.

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