Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scoping out the Land

Saturday morning I woke up at 3:45am, brushed my teeth, and got in the car with  my mom to head to Tallahassee. Dad was up and had coffee ready for us, said a prayer, and we were on our way.

The drive: 14 hours.
The destination: Tallahassee, Florida.
The plan: find my new home.

The result: Lots of home.

Sunday morning we woke up, took our time getting ready, then headed out around 9:45 to start driving around my new town. We drove first to my new office and planned to start our tour there. The office is right across the street from the state capitol with a small, but cute downtown area surrounding it. We started looking for breakfast and here is where the drama began. My mom, bless her heart, LOVES to experience new things. She likes finding that small little place that is new, out of the box, and 'fun.' We start to drive around looking for this place and I quickly realize that NOTHING I see is familiar. I see no familiar stores, no familiar coffee shops (AKA....STARBUCKS), no familiar ANYTHING. We get a bit turned around, finally find the place she's located on her phone, and I drive past and say "no way are we eating there."  The overwhelming feelings begins to settle in.  The "what the heck am I doing!!!" feeling. We pull off the road and I explain to mom in the least dramatic way possible at this moment "I need something familiar. I don't want to try something new and cute. I want something familiar. NOTHING around me makes sense. I need something that makes sense." (Ok, so tears were included.) So we look for an Einstein Bagels. Our GPS lady (whom I named Gretchen) takes us there and says "Your destination is on the right. You have arrived at your destination."  Only problem was....there was no Einstein. We were on the FSU side of town and we concluded that the Einstein must have been inside the campus. So we keep driving. Finally find a random bagel place, order our coffee and bagel and sit down. At this point it was 11:45.

We were hoping to have a bit more 'coffee and chill" time before hitting the pavement hard looking for apartments, but since we only had 1/2 day on Sunday to do so (most apartments are not open until noon on Sundays) we needed to get going. I won't bore you with the details of looking at place after place- but we did a LOT of that. Didn't find a place that just wow'd me with the apartment itself AND the price. Well, let me take that back. I did find once place that WOW'd me...including the hammock deck out by the pool, but the price wow'd me as well cause it was so high... :(  But oh well. Keep looking!

Sunday evening we grabbed dinner at a place called Moe's...(think chipotle/taco cabana) and headed back to the apartment to crash.

Monday morning I'd made plans to go by my new office to meet my new coworkers.

I left mom at the hotel and headed over to starbucks to grab coffee and read my bible...cause let's face it. I needed Jesus, in a BIG way. I needed him to do some big things on that day.

I drove to my new office and headed in to meet my new co-workers.

The office was beautiful. The people were friendly. The sigh of relief came.

I needed Monday morning. I needed it really bad. I needed to feel that sense of "this CAN be good."

The rest of the day was, again, spent looking at apartments. There was a HUGE difficulty in this process.

The trees.

Yes, the trees.

You can't see anything from the road. Everything is hidden. You can't just drive past, see an apartment complex and say "hey, let's look there!" That added to the frustration of the trip.

I finished up Monday evening by meeting up with a couple that lives in Tally and is planning to start an ARC church in the next 6 months. I'd started looking for a church the moment Tallahassee became an option for me. Was really disappointed to not really see much. :( I did see that a church was going to be planted but didn't know much more than that.  So what did I do? I got on Twitter to look it up. Found the pastor. Tweeted him to find out more, then was able to email and find out more about the church!

Another reason I LOVE Twitter.

Excited to learn more, meet their team, and see if this would be a good fit!

Headed back to the hotel, went to bed at around 11:30pm, only to wake up at 3:45am. Got on the road at 4am and drove straight through. Seriously. We knocked an hour off our time. Stopped only to get gas.

So that's the update.

Lots of decision to be made. Very little time.

If you think about it, pray for me. I could use it :--)

I'm still REALLLY excited about my new job. I'm confident that this is exactly where the Lord wants me. I just want to be brave but it's REALLY hard.

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