Sunday, November 20, 2011

No place like....

I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Florida. REALLY. The town is quaint, my job is fabulous, and my apartment finally feels settled. The beach is close, the weather has been perfect, and overall, living in Florida has been great.

But can I please say I’m so glad to be at home in Paris, TX for this Thanksgiving break. After I’d already accepted the job and had started work, I found out that we were given the entire week of Thanksgiving off!!! Once I learned that- I knew for sure I’d be coming home. Mom and dad made sure of that!!

I know, I’ve only been away from Texas for 35 days and it’s probably too soon for a trip home, but after 35 days like my first 35 days in Tallahassee were, home was a great option.

But let’s back up a little bit.

63 days ago I was offered a job in Tallahassee.

59 days ago I accepted the job and turned in my two weeks notice.

51 days ago mom and I drove out for the first time.

41 days ago I started my new job (In San Fran, no less!)

And 35 days ago I moved to Tallahassee.

Well, let’s add one more in for good measure: 15 days ago- the movers arrived with all my stuff.

That has been a CUH-RAZY past 63 days. I think after all THAT craziness, a trip home was in order.

On my way to the airport yesterday I was thinking about the fact that in a few short hours I’d be getting hugs. Yes, hugs. I’m a hug person. I may or may not judge you on your ability to give a good hug! ;-) But that’s one thing that’s been lacking in Tallahassee. So while driving and thinking about the hugs I’d soon be giving/receiving- I couldn’t help but start to cry. I know that sounds overemotional but really. Living by myself is ok. But you just don’t realize how much you need physical touch until you move away and there is not many people around that you can just give a hug to without them thinking you’re a crazy.

I flew in last night to Dallas where dad picked me up and we made the drive back to Paris.

Excited to spend this Thanksgiving week with the parents and grateful I have the time off. I know good things are in store in this next season.

Oh yeah. And give someone a hug today. Even if THEY don’t need it…you probably do! ;-)

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