Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Settling In

Well I guess it's time for an update.

My stuff arrived Friday morning and my boss was gracious enough to give me the day off so I could start unpacking/settling in.

Where as in the past I tend to drag out the unpacking phase for as long as possible- this time I was ready to have it over and done with! I worked all day from 8am-10pm unpacking and moving furniture around.

Around 5:30ish- several guys from the church I've been visiting stopped by to help get a huge load of boxes/trash out to the dumpster for me. They live right around the corner from my place and one of them has a truck so I didn't feel TOO awful by asking! :-) Grateful for their help!!!

At around 7pm, Carl, Jennifer, and Ashley stopped by to hook up my washer/dryer. Their visit was MUCH appreciated as not only did they show up with drinks in hand, they helped me figure out the best way to arrange the furniture in the living room! After we moved furniture around pretty much every way imaginable- we settled on what we thought would be best. Carl was SO amazing to not only hook up the washer and dryer but to take care of other things around the apartment such as securing my locks on the doors, adjusting the laundry room doors, mounting the dustbuster on the wall in the laundry area, etc.

Saturday was spent unpacking more boxes as well and then I got out of my apartment for about 45 minutes to attend the Greek Food Festival that was taking place. Later that evening was the LSU/Bama football game. The church I've been visiting (Emerge Church) is being launched by a team of people from Louisiana who are all HUGE LSU fans. I went over to the pastors house to watch the game with a slew of people wearing purple! :-)

This coming weekend I have a long weekend (Friday I have off for Veteran's Day) and I'm planning to head to a Florida beach to celebrate my first month of Florida living. Colder temps are expected for the weekend so I'm planning to take a blanket, a hoodie, and lots of coffee with me as I sit on the beach. Desperately wishing I could call up a few people from Dallas (or Arizona for that matter) and say "come with me!"

But. Such is life.

Here's a pic of my mantle all dressed and ready for Fall!

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  1. Looking forward to more pictures of the new life! So glad your stuff finally got there. Hope your day at the beach was fantastic!


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