Monday, November 14, 2011

To the crooked...wait, what?!

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while, but just hadn’t felt it was completely formulated in my brain until this past weekend.

The night of my going away party, I had SO many friends share things with me that left me speechless, encouraged, honored, etc. I mean, really. I was blessed.

After the group prayed for me, my friend Benjamin came and shared a verse with me, shedding light on this particular verse that I’d never noticed before.

He read the verse to me, “To the faithful, you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the crooked, you show yourself shrewd.”

During the time in which people were standing up and sharing words about me, the word ‘faithful’ came up almost every time. So I assumed Benjamin was going to highlight that portion of the verse. HA! Was I wrong. He then says “the part that stuck out to me was “but to the crooked, you show yourself shrewd.” Oooh dear Benjamin. You sure got me on that one! Haha :-) I was like “um, ok, explain?”

But what Benjamin was about to explain was nothing short of a sweet revelation from the Lord that I needed to hear.

He went on to eloquently explain that another term that could be used in place of the word ‘shrewd’ would be to ‘one up’ someone. Someone who is shrewd will be sharp and clever. So where the verse says ‘to the crooked, you show yourself shrewd’ could be read as “you wanna be crooked? He will “one-up” you. You will not get it past Him. He can’t be beat.”

Benjamin said (and I paraphrase) “with that in mind….Minda, if you think YOU are faithful (and you are!), know that He can…and WILL- ‘one-up’ you. He is more faithful. He will prove himself even more faithful that YOU could ever be.”

I LOVE that. I really do. LOVE that.

Such a sweet reminder (and reality check!) that my Jesus is not only Faithful, but He will far surpass the faithfulness of anyone. If I think I’M faithful- it’s GOOD news to know that He will always one-up me.

In addition, Benjamin, if I messed up relaying this message the way you meant for it to be relayed- please correct me... :-) But this is what I gleaned from your insight! :-)

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