Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend at Party Pier

This weekend will mark 4 weeks of Florida living and I'd yet to see a beach. Figured I'd check that off my list this weekend as I had Friday off. Drove out to Saint George Island which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Tallahassee. This morning I woke up, made pumpkin pancakes and coffee- then packed my bags. As I was driving- I had a serious "OH MY GOODNESS, Is this REALLLY my life?" moment. :-) The drive was spectacular. Stunning really. And then. I saw the water. I about had a heart attack. This was real. I DO officially live in Florida if I can drive an hour to go hang out at a beach for the day.

I do apologize for the quality of these pictures. But yeah. I got to the turn off which would take me on a bridge about 7 miles long which connected us to the island. Um. Let's read that sentence again. Yeah. I went to an island today! :-) It was pretty chilly this morning (low 40's) but knew it was to warm up. I went in my suit, shorts, and a t-shirt- and took along a fleece jacket. I kept the jacket on most of the morning but took it off later this afternoon when it warmed up a bit more. I spent about 6 hours today- by myself- on a beach. The beach was practically mine. NO ONE was on the beach. I read for a bit. I walked quite a ways. I just sat, staring at the water.

Oh yeah. And here's the jellyfish I saw. I wanted to touch it so bad but didn't know what side was 'safe' to touch. Didn't want to have a "Joey, Monica, Chandler" situation if you know what i mean. :-)

And this. This is where I was when the sun set over the water. I met up with Jaryn & Rynelle, along with their family for the remainder of the evening where we had dinner and watch episodes of Friends :-)
A good day, indeed.

I think I like Florida :-)

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