Monday, January 16, 2012


A couple of years ago several friends of mine in Dallas started talking about ways we could become more intentional about giving money to organizations or people in need. Being a part of a HUGE community- our group of friends was always hanging out with each other. Going for coffee, dinner, drinks, name it. We did it.

Well, the guys started talking and came up with the idea of "INSTEAD."

Instead of going for a movie- how about donating that $9 you'd spend on a movie towards a charity.

Choose the option to rent a movie from redbox for a dollar- and give the remaining $9 to a charity.

Or instead of going out for coffee- how about brewing a pot at home, and donate the $4 you'd have spent on a drink towards the charity of your choice.

When budgeting, it's easy to find ways to budget for one charity- but with so many incredible causes out there- we want to do more. We want to find ways to give to EACH of them. ESPECIALLY when your friends are the ones starting their own charities. (aka...FUEL) <--Check them out!

And thus became the easy way give micro-donations on a daily basis.

You can check them out on the web or your phone. Find Instead in your app store and begin making a dollar at a time.

Shout out to my friends Josh Alltop, Micah Davis, Court Simas for the brains behind the work. I'm honored to call you friend and to have been a sounding board for ideas when Instead was in the think tank.

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