Thursday, January 26, 2012

She Is Happy Now

I love my job. I can't express that enough. The first 3 months of being here in Florida I have been working to learn the organization, learn what we do, why we do it, and why it is important.
To this point I've been learning all this information from our own perspective. I've not heard any negative feedback in regards to our work. I've not heard the opposing side.
Until yesterday.

Working in social media my job is to open the conversation with supporters....and others.

Yesterday I was SLAMMED with negative comments online. Most of them were from one person, but still.

The pressure hit me of "whoa. An I ready for this?!" I text my old boss in Dallas and told him that 'to date, this had probably been the toughest day for my work.' In my last job I responded to people about the Bible and Beth Moore teachings. I responded and interacted on a subject I know a lot about. Even if there were weird people, or people who hated Jesus and/or Beth Moore, it was not much of a problem. I was confident enough in my knowledge of the subjects at hand to know how to respond.

Brandon asked "Do you believe in the organization you are working for?" I do. I REALLY do believe in what we do.

But haven't had to defend it to this point.  Believing in something and defending it are two different ballgames.

This could launch me into a whole other blog post about knowing enough to defend your stance in regards to the Gospel. Do you know what you believe? Enough to defend it to someone who would try to tear apart your belief?  ....but I won't get into that.  But something to think about.

Either way.
I was talking with another coworker asking her opinion and explaining the situation. She was so incredibly helpful in drafting a response to these particular people NOT in favor of our organization. Mary Laura was amazing. Seriously. She could tell it was weighing on me and was able to help out in the most perfect way.

This morning I got to work and was headed down the hallway when Mary Laura stopped me and said "Minda I have something for you."

I stepped into her office and this is what she said to me:

Yesterday I picked up Maggie (her daughter, 3 years old) from preschool. I asked her how her day was and what she did. She said "I danced today!" I asked what she danced to and Maggie said "I danced to Jesus Loves Me!" Of course you did, Maggie! Maggie then proceeded to ask me how MY day 'at school' was. I responded to her with 'my day was pretty good....but I have a coworker who had a sad day. It was a hard day.'  Maggie asked "Why was it hard?' I said "She had to do something new today at work and it was hard....You know when you have to learn something new at school and it's hard?" Maggie understood.

A little while later Maggie came to me with a piece of paper.

I asked Maggie what this was and she said "this is your sad coworker....But she is happy now."
So Mary Laura gave me this picture this morning and of course I couldn't help the tears forming in my eyes and dropping down my face. To know that a 3-year-old precious little girl was thinking about me and didn't want me to be sad so decided to draw me a picture was by far one of the most precious things I've ever experienced. Seriously.

This picture will be hung in my office and will stay here as long as I have an office here. So incredibly touched today that the Lord would choose to show His love for me through the drawing of a 3 year old girl named Maggie.


  1. Minda,

    For sensitive, caring people (and you certainly are one of those) criticism is very hard. But those critics are really your best friends. Dealing with jerks is not fun, but it makes us think through our positions, refine our arguments, find a solid place to stand on truth, and learn to stiffen our spines for the next battle. Most of the doctrine of the church--the deity of Christ, the inerrency of scripture, salvation by grace alone through faith alone, the Trinity--those were defined and refined when conflict arose and church councils were convened: Jerusalem, Nicaea, Calcedon, etc. So you are in very good company when you have to respond to criticism, even though the harsh words directed toward you sting.
    Hang in and be wise--God is gracious.

  2. That is the best. I love children.


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