Friday, January 6, 2012

The update that no one wants to read

Seriously. I know that blog title just makes you RACE to read this post (much sarcasm), but it's true.

It's the blog post I don't want to write. It's the blog post you don't want to read.

I have a rule for myself regarding social media posts. Twitter, Facebook, my blog, etc. It is as follows:

If every thing you type out is negative or is attention seeking- NO ONE wants to read it. You will most likely be unfollowed, unfriended, or your blog will never be read again. No matter what- do NOT be that person.

With that said- I need to clarify. This is no way means that you should be fake, but it does mean you need to evaluate your content and figure out for yourself why every thing you post is debbie downer. That is just the healthy thing to do. But there are times in which being real, honest, vulnerable, and raw are necessary.

Hence, "The update that no one wants to read."

Now, if I felt the need to preface this post with THAT much, please understand that it's because I do not want anyone to respond with sympathy comments. I am not writing this to be attention seeking. I'm writing this because for the past 4 years with this blog- I've posted what is real. I've posted what is raw. I've posted what I'm feeling.

And after 4 years, I don't plan to change that.

So, if you were to casually ask me how Tallahassee is, I'd respond with this (the TRUTH): "I LOVE my job. It's amazing."

And then I'd most likely move on to another subject and ask you how YOU were doing.

But let me go a bit further. Let me tell you what you MIGHT not have asked. If you were to say "No, really. How ARE YOU?!" This is what I'd respond with:

This coming weekend marks 3 months having left Dallas. This coming weekend marks 3 months of lonely. This coming weekend marks 3 months of growing realization that the life I led in Dallas is not normal.

I spent Christmas in South Carolina with my extended family and enjoyed my time there SO much. What did I enjoy? I enjoyed having a cup of coffee every morning with my aunt. I enjoyed watching movies with my uncle and cousins. I enjoyed shopping with my aunt. I enjoyed playing card games with my grandma. I enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking with family.

Mostly. I enjoyed being with people.

Every morning I wake up and make enough coffee for one person.
I go to the gym by myself.
I come home and cook for myself.
I clean by myself.
I watch TV by myself.
I go to the grocery store by myself.
I watch episodes of Friends by myself. (cough cough....yes, exactly what I'm doing tonight)

Again, please do not extend sympathy with the reading of this post. That is not what I want. I just want to be honest.

There is something to be said about doing life with people. About doing life with friends. About doing life with those you love. About doing life with those who know you. Money is not what makes your life rich. THINGS are not what make your life rich. People. People make your life rich.

If you have friends nearby that are close with you and do life with you, don't take them for granted.

Life in Tallahassee is hard. Again, I LOVE my job. I have amazing co-workers. I ENJOY going to work. It's been a MAJOR learning curve and I feel like I'm beginning to catch on.

But outside of work, Tallahassee is hard.

So there is your update.

The end. :-)


  1. Proud of you for posting. Love you.

  2. Oh. I know you there. I know you. For me that's what Dallas has been for a long time. Only now am I FINALLY fitting in, finally feeling loved (outside my amazing roommates of course =)), finally feeling known. It will come, friend. It will come.

  3. Minda, you have been much on my heart lately. I saw a semi yesterday that said "The Best Coffee on the Interstate," and for whatever reason, it was like an immediate need to pray for you. When I went to bed last night, you were on my heart, and I want you to know that while we may not be there to have coffee with you or decorate Christmas trees with you--we still love you and carry you with us. I miss you but am still excited to see why God brought you to Florida. --Amy.


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