Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentine's Day

This is probably a statement you will not hear from many single girls, but Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Maybe it's the red, pink, and white colors all put together. Maybe it's the reminder that love IS out there, or maybe it's just another excuse to get together with some of my favorite girls. But either way- February 14th has been a favorite day of mine the past 4 years. ( I have to admit- this blog post is inspired because Starbucks just put out some of the most ADORABLE Valentine's mugs and tumblers.)

The past 4 years, on Valentine's Day, I've invited several single girls over to my place for dinner. They are given this message: If you can come, I need to know for certain because several things throughout the evening will be personalized to and for you. But. If you commit and then are asked out with a BOY- you have my blessing and my encouragement to GO ON THAT DATE!

I cook a super fancy meal, an extravagant dessert (um, last year included a 14 layer cake), and lots of other pink, red, and white details.

Gone are the days of THIS single girl sitting at home on a Valentine's Day drowning herself in a pint of ice cream while watching chick flicks that make a girl even MORE depressed.

It's more fun to celebrate the day with good friends, good food, and heck. If you're gonna eat the calories that night anyways, enjoy them with a good meal and good friends. :-)

Are you a single girl? What do you do for Valentine's day?


  1. OH you kindred spirit.

    my favvvvve too. :o)

    and to answer your possibly rhetorical question, i've stumbled upon this precious tradition that i gleefully look forward to every year.

    it seems the Lord likes to put on my heart a gal each year whom needs to be bombarded with love...maybe who just went through a breakup or has bad memories of that day? i scheme a secret attack of her bedroom in said colors...chocolate and scriptures hanging from the ceiling with fun ribbons...sticky i can pull of on my budget. haha. LOVE it. i've already begun scheming this year. muahaha.

    thanks for fueling this year's inspiration.

    DUDE! this year i have PINTEREST!

  2. Even when I was single, V-day was one of my favorites. I have great memories with my family celebrating when I was growing up.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!


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