Monday, April 30, 2012

End of an era?

Haven't posted in a while.

Haven't wanted to.

Thinking it might be time to shut this blog down.

I started thinking about blogs that I, personally, like to read.

I like to read blogs that I can walk away from with a piece of good information. Blogs that offer good information, tips, how-to suggestions, pictures....

My blogs are all about me and my life and honestly- I'm tired of that.

If this blog could be turned into something 'good'.....anyone have suggestions?

Read an article today of a girl who has lots to offer. Seriously. She writes fabulously and has an area of expertise.

My only area of expertise is ME. And that, my friends, is rather boring.

If I can come up with a fun new theme or idea for the blog, I may keep it going.

Otherwise, I see it going down the drain pretty soon.

1 comment:

  1. I am biased I know, but I have always loved getting your updates and find that they are worthwhile because they keep me in touch with a dear friend who I rarely see and don't get to talk to enough. I miss you, and the blog is just one way to stay connected.

    Pinterest has shown us that the internet is great for all kinds of helpful how-to types of things, I grant you. But, Pinterest does not EVER give me the much needed dose of Minda that I get when I read about your inner musings, foibles, trials, and joys.

    I might spend more time on Pinterest than I do on your blog but hands down your blog is precious to me than that site could ever be.


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