Monday, July 9, 2012

The one where Minda went to Texas.

So this is probably a very NON-original idea, but I may start titling my blog posts like Friends titles their episodes.

For instance:

The one where Phoebe hates PBS
The one with the baby on the bus
The one with Ross's tan
The one with Phoebe's cookies
The one with the nap partners

You get the point. And if you like Friends (ok, if you're obsessed) then you read those titles and know exactly which episodes they are.

(side note: I actually started another blog with this exact beginning, was told it was too vulnerable for a blog, so I reverted it to a draft. So if in the 12 hours or so that it was made public and  you saw this opening, I still wanted people to know my blogs would be posted this way from here on out. So you had to read it twice. Sorry.)

But yes. I went to Texas.

After having moved 8 months ago, I visited home.

The visit home was exactly how I hoped it would be. Time well spent. Lots of hugs. And a chance to be at my home church.

Coming back to Tallahassee on the 4th wasn't as hard as I might have expected it to be.

That sentence, in and of itself, blows my mind. Still unpacking that.

I started the weekend out with a visit to my hair lady in Dallas to fix my bangs....which needed fixed: REAL BAD. THEN to see Helen and Rick! Ahhh. Love them. This was actually their last weekend in Dallas as they are moving to Arizona!!! Good thing I have family in AZ as I will be able to visit often! :-)

Friday evening was the wedding of dear friends, Austen and Ashley, followed by a sweet visit and incomparable hospitality by my friends Jonathan and Laura.

Saturday I hit the ground running. Breakfast with Jon and Laura, coffee with Jaclyn, met the sweetest baby boy born 4 days prior to my visit, coffee with Osame, a quick hug and visit with Amy and her crew (which by the way, my heart still melts when I think of how Lincoln came STRAIGHT to me upon seeing me), and then to church.

Ah. My home church. I miss it. Something fierce, ya'll. (and yes. I said "ya'll.) The moment I was in my seat I could only stand there and cry my eyes out. Tried not to make a scene, but people, I just had to stand there and my heart felt at rest.

After church I had the most amazing, most relaxing, most comfortable visit with friends at Cafe Express. We stayed til they closed and kicked us out, then moved out to the patio and stayed even longer. A perfect ending to a Saturday.

Sunday started off with a great breakfast with my little sister at Lucky's in Dallas, then I had brunch with the most dear girlfriends a person could ask for (in which I also got to meet the 6 month old EMMA BLAKE!) Ah. Heart melting just thinking about her sweet face.

Sunday afternoon Caralyn and I headed to Paris to conclude the rest of my trip home.

Being home was so sweet. I love my home.

Mom and dad fed me well, gave lots of hugs, and sent me back to Dallas where I'd catch my flight home.

Made it back to Tallahassee around 9pm, went to bed at 10pm, and woke up at midnight throwing up every last bit of the BBQ I'd eaten that afternoon. Whomp waaaaah.

And yes, that's how I'm going to end this blog post.


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  1. yesssssssssss got a blog mention! ;) it was pure joy seeing your face! Love you MindaC


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