Sunday, July 15, 2012

The one with the pool party

My apartment complex has a really nice pool. Let me back up. My apartment complex is really nice. It's quiet. It's quaint. It's cute. I like it. The pool is pretty. The pool is CLEAN. And the pool is empty most days.

Today I went out and noticed there was a mom with 2 small kids out at the pool. The mom was sitting in the shade and her 2 kids were playing in the water. As I put my stuff down and got ready to lay back, I heard one of the kids singing "Here's where she meets Prince Charming....but she won't discover that it's him til Chapter Threeeeee" in THE sweetest kid voice, ever. 

I looked up, saw that it was the little boy. I said "Do you like Beauty and the Beast?! That's one of my favorite movies!" His older sister said "I love that movie!" while the little brother responded "No! No beauty and the beast. I just like the song."

I lay down and after 20 minutes, I needed to get in the water. It's seriously that hot here. I got in and the little boy said to me "Can you swim without holding your nose!?" We began chatting from this point and him and his sister continued to ask me question after question. "Are you married? Do you have kids? Are you a teenager? Do you have a prince charming? (that one came from the girl) Can you do a handstand? Can you do a flip? Do you like Spiderman?

I ended up playing with the kids for an hour, doing flips, helping the girl learn how to do a flip, and judging the little boy's splash factor. 

Their names were Cooper (4) and Grace (7). SO cute. 

My friend Laura joined me at the pool and she joined me in playing with them for a bit then we headed back to the chairs. As they were leaving the kids said bye and the mom said "Seriously. You have no idea. Thank you SO much for playing with them! They will be talking about this for a LONG time." 

Me too. 

I had a blast. 

I like fun kids. 


  1. And this is why my kids love and miss Minda. :)

    1. and i love YOUR kids. although- not too much of 'kids' anymore. they are both growing up SO MUCH!

  2. I know that was fun for them and you! :)

  3. Just discovered your blog. Love this post! Kids can be so much fun, I adore playing with my nieces. Follow me back if you like



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