Friday, October 19, 2012

The one where I remember my most brilliant idea ever

I updated my Facebook status this morning as shown above. After seeing several of the comments, it reminded me of the most brilliant idea I think I may have ever had. 

Back in January 2010 we were having a super cold winter in Dallas. And I should probably remind you all of a few things. I'm a Dave Ramsey girl. This translates to this: In the summer, I don't turn my a/c down very much and in the winter, my apartment stays pretty cold.

So. One Friday night I'd been preparing to go to bed (probably at 8:30pm, or something) and was thinking about coffee for the following morning...and since I'm being honest here, let's break it down even more. I'm always thinking about coffee in the morning. At lunch time I think about my cup of coffee I'll have the next morning. Before bed, especially, I'm thinking about that cup of coffee I'll have. I just love coffee. 

Well. Anyways! A most uncomfortable experience in the winter is having to actually get out of a warm bed to get to the coffee pot. 

So. I had the brilliant idea to move my coffee pot into my bedroom and to my nightstand. The next morning was Saturday, I wanted to sleep in, and wanted to stay in the comfort of my warm bed as long as possible. 

When I woke up, it may or may  not have been close to 58 degrees in the apartment and all I had to do was reach one hand from underneath the covers to hit the 'on' button. My cream was already in the cup ready to go (because it was cold enough in the apartment not to need to be refrigerated) and I even had paper towels ready in case I needed them. Seriously. I wasn't getting out of bed for anything!

I think I stayed in bed til 2pm that day. Just because I could. 

I should also take this time to apologize to some of my former roommates for letting the apartment get so cold... I'm sure your life was bettered because we saved $10 a month on utilities. Oops. :-)


  1. I remember this day!!!!
    And no apology needed. My life was definitely bettered :)

  2. Ahhh Helen. I love you. Such a trooper:)


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