Thursday, November 8, 2012

The one with the countdown

Things I'm counting down to before the end of the  year:

  • (nov12) Veterans Day.
  • (nov22) Thanksgiving. Still not sure what I'll be doing. First Thanksgiving without my family.
  • (nov25) National Summit in DC. SO pumped about this.
  • (nov30) NEW YORK CITY. Mashable conference. WHAT?!?! Yes. (Bucket list item will be crossed off as I'll be there while Christmas decorations are up at Rockefeller Center. Ice skating? Yes. 
  • (dec13) Transiberian Orchestra in Jacksonville!
  • (dec20) Phoenix!!!! Yes. I'm going to Phoenix to sing with Lisa for Christmas services at her church. SOOOOOO pumped about this. Christmas music is my favorite. And singing with my sister? Um. YES. 
  • (dec25) Home to Paris, Texas for CHRISTMAS. Home. Home. Home. Home. I love my family.
the end. 

1 comment:

  1. november 21, your sister turns 25.
    that's all.


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