Saturday, December 8, 2012

The one with the intermission

I want to post Part 2 but I don't feel that it is even finished being lived out yet.  I sit here at the computer and it's still too fresh.

I'll come back to part 2 later.

In the meantime, I DO want to share photos with you from my time in DC and NYC. Here are a few from the summit with coworkers:

There are PLENTY more where these came from, but I'll post them later.n But I must add here- I work with the best group of people. I am so grateful this team was around me when I heard the news of the fire.

After hearing the news, they supported me, let me cry on their shoulders (and into our walkie talkie's....which I didn't know was happening...oops!), brought me froufrou drinks from Starbucks, brushed my hair, and did a fantastic job covering for me during parts of the summit when I was slacking. I LOVE this team. I am blessed. If any of you coworkers happen upon this blog- know that I am overwhelmingly grateful for you. The outpouring of support has not stopped even now that I'm back in Tallahassee.

After our conference was done in DC, Jaryn and I had a media summit to attend in NYC the following Friday.

Our summit was finished on Wednesday, and Thursday morning we went apartment hunting.

By the way. I had not made it OFFICIAL- but with the fire happening- I think it's as public as it will ever be. But I'm moving to DC in January. Surprise. Yay! :-)

I'd been making plans to move at the end of January- but didn't want to 'announce' via social media until I had signed a lease. Well. That lease will be signed in the next couple of days. And I'm officially moving to Washington, DC.

So Jaryn and I went apartment hunting Thursday morning, found some great places, then headed to Union Station where we would catch a train to NYC. My first train ride!!! I was really excited about it- until we started moving. I got a little motion sickness- but made it :)

We arrived in NYC and came up right from underneath Madison Square Garden where Justin Bieber was performing. (aka- tons of squealing girls). Welcome to the city.

We made it to our hotel in Times Square and did a quick change and freshened we had BIG PLANS!

Jaryn had scored tickets to see the Rockettes at Radio City Hall!!!!! But of course, right before seeing them- we were walking towards Radio City Music Hall when we turned a corner and saw THIS:

SOOOOOO Amazing.

The show was FANTASTIC as well:

We made our way back to the hotel, crashed, and headed out Friday morning for coffee before our media summit started.

That evening we grabbed dinner at a Puerto Rican restaurant and Jaryn was quite happy with her meal: (ok, and maybe she was just happy to finally have the Summit over :-) )

After dinner we walked around some more, and headed back to Rockefeller Center where we would be meeting up with Leticia!! 

We grabbed a cup of coffee (decaf for me, duh) and then made our way back to the hotel. Saturday morning was spent brunching it up and my first visit to Macy's on 34th street.

I also have to note- not only was this weekend being spent with fantastic people, I ran into 2 friends from Dallas while in NYC! God-ordained, for sure. He knew I needed some Dallas love. Jen and Stephanie- two separate friends- on different trips- had both posted about being in NYC. So of course we made a point to catch up and I'm so grateful we did!!

After brunch, Jaryn headed back to Tallahassee and Leticia, Jaclyn, and I celebrated 10 years of friendship with the rest of the weekend in NYC.

We met the first week of college in 2002 and have been friends ever since. I am SO glad I made the decision to stay on in NYC rather than go back to Tallahassee.

We toured the city, browsed many stores, drank lots of coffee, and ate great food.

On Sunday morning, Leticia, who lives on 34th street across the street from Macy's, made pancakes and coffee while we had a relaxing morning. The best part? Miracle on 34th Street was on TV.....WHILE I WAS ON 34TH STREET. Drinking coffee. Talk about a 'moment.'  It was quite perfect.

After breakfast we headed to a market square area and walked around before grabbing lunch.

Then it was time. We had to say bye.

Jaclyn was off back to DC, and I headed to the airport.

Tallahassee awaited me.

This is where The Fire- Part 2 will pick up.

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