Sunday, March 24, 2013

The one with puzzle lessons

After my half marathon last weekend, I took Sunday as a day of rest and recuperating. Little did I know, I'd get the next 6 days to do the same thing.

I've always struggled with allergies, no matter where I live, and springtime proves to be the worst.

DC is no different. But I think I got slammed with them more this last week than I have ever in the past. 6 full days of the worst allergic episode I've had. Nothing was relieving my pain, releasing the sinus pressure, or helping me to breathe. Finally I went to the CVS minute clinic and was given 2 steroids. 48 hours later, I'm breathing again. If all last week I was 15% functional, today I am at 70%. This morning was the first morning in 7 days I'd not woken up severe pain and inability to breathe.

Making progress.

At any rate, I started a puzzle last weekend on my dining room table. It's been slow going, but I've had ample time this past week to work on it.

And here in comes the cheezy analogy.

If you've ever done a puzzle before, you know the best way to start is to get the edge pieces all put together- then work on the inside. Lay the boundaries, then fill in the rest.

Well, 7 days in and I realized some sections of the puzzle were not working. I knew they were right- but were not fitting where they needed to go.

So I started taking it apart piece by piece.  When I realized- the edge had not been done correctly. I couldn't attach the insides to the edge because the edge was incorrect.

We have to set boundaries. But not just set them- they need to be RIGHT. We need to set clear boundaries for our lives so that everything else will fall into place. If boundaries are not in place, frustration will follow.

Boundaries for work, family, friends, social media...The list goes on. Does work come before everything else? Does family come first? What about our spiritual life? Where does that play out? If we are so focused on one area of our life, there will be mishaps in other areas.

Evaluating my boundaries today.

What helps you keep a balanced life?

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