Sunday, July 21, 2013

The one with the 'street corner'

During my time living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and now my time living in DC, it is not uncommon to hear someone on the street corner yelling at anyone and everyone "Repent! Turn to Jesus. You don't want to burn in hell!"

You are familiar with these sorts of people, yes? In DC, I've even found some people will come out with more than just their voices and a few tracks. They will have a large speaker and mic. They just blast to whomever.

How many people walk by them thinking "Wow! This person really cares for me and wants me to go to heaven- so I will stop and talk to them and accept Jesus right on the spot!"...? Anyone? Do you ever see these people and think to yourself "Man. They've got it. They are doing it right."

I doubt it.

Well, friends.  Facebook has become the new 'street corner.'

Those who blast their religious and political views are spewing. They are spewing at whoever and whomever. They don't care who hears or who doesn't. They feel as though they are standing up for what they believe in- just as the guy on the street corner does.

I am as turned off by people sitting on the street corner telling me I'm going to hell if I don't repent, as I am by people who spew their religious and political thoughts on Facebook.

Granted, I have over 1000+ friends on Facebook and these friends span a MULTITUDE of religious beliefs as well as both party lines.

If I post how I feel about any of these issues, you better believe that I've closed the door on any opportunity to be in relationship with those who oppose. To gain their trust. To show them the love of Jesus.

So friends, please. Let's pack up the mic and speakers and get off the street corner. It's not working. The only thing it's doing is helping people to decide to click "unfriend" or "hide" in the settings option.

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