Sunday, September 8, 2013

The one with the football season box

Along with Football comes one of my favorite seasons to decorate for.


I love having pumpkins, fall leaves, and other autumn paraphernalia in my home. The Cowboys will kickoff the 2013-14 season and as I look around my apartment this morning, I realize I have no decorations up. I don't have my gorgeous fall wreath hanging on my door. I don't have my "Give Thanks" plaque hanging in my kitchen. I don't have my ceramic pumpkin bowls and platters on my coffee table. I don't have my fall tablecloth. I don't have a mantle decorated with a stream of (fake) fall leaves....I could go on, and on. 
Talking with a friend last week who said " hasn't been a year yet since the fire??"  

Not quite a year. Almost 10 months since the fire. And with each month, I feel as though there is something else that I remember I don't have. (We're not going to talk about my Christmas decoration boxes. Just no. Can't do it.)

This weekend, the boxes I'm missing are the ones that were in my storage closet. The ones I pulled out every September. The boxes I've been adding to for 10 years. Yes, 10 years.

In other news, do you know anyone else that has lost a home? Would really love to chat with someone who has experienced something similar. Mind making a connection for me?  KThanksbye.


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