Thursday, October 24, 2013

The one with the 'comedy' of errors

I left the office last night a little after 5:30pm. The metro was broken and it took over an hour to get home.

I sat on metro underground for an hour. When I finally arrived at my stop, I walked home, and began to dig for my keys. I realize they are still in the office.

My first thought is to call the apartment office and see if they can let me in with a spare key. The on-call people said they don’t do that and that I need to call a locksmith.

So I just decide to head BACK into the city and go get my keys.

I don’t want to get back on the metro as the blue line was CRAP and broken- so I decide to cab it back to the office.  So I pull out my wallet to get cash and realize….No wallet in purse. (I’m not sure WHAT I was thinking when I left the office earlier.)

So I think- no biggie. I’ll just uber back to the office. (uber is a car service and I have an app which I can pay for the service through my phone. No card/cash required.)

And then I remember I’d just gotten a new debit card and Uber and Netflix were the two remaining things I needed to update my card on file for.

So. I have no keys. And no money.

So Kristy Campbell receives a text message from me at 6:40 saying: I need rescuing. What are the chances you can help?

She answers immediately. I explain what’s happening and she says “I’ll just call uber for you.” Huge help. So uber arrives and I am taken back into the city. I arrive at office and obviously can’t get IN to the building since I don’t have my keys and I see the concierge lady who comes to the glass and says “I can’t let you in.”

She opens the door to find out what I need and says “I can’t let you in.”

I explained about my keys and she said “You’ll have to get someone else to let you in.”

Welp. That’s stupid.

So I call Elizabeth, our office manager. Goes straight to voicemail. Try again. Same thing. I text her. Nothing. (I later find out her phone had died.)

So I am standing outside of our office building in the chilly weather when I decide to send a call for help. I email the DC staff and say “I need help. Who can come back to the office and help a girl out?”


I hear nothing.

So instead of standing in the cold- I walk over to Starbucks to sit in their cafĂ© while I wait. And during this time- my phone is dying.

So I have no way to get into my apartment. I have no way to get into my office. I have no wallet. And my phone is dying.

Starbucks CLOSES. Seriously. They were done for the night and said “Miss, we need you to leave.”

So I begin to walk back to the metro.

For what? Who knows. I honestly have NO clue as to what I should do.(Did I mention my roommate is out of the country? Yeah.)

Kristy messaged again and said “I’ve got a plan. Head back to Pentagon City.”

So I’m walking back and get back ON the broken metro. It took me 30 minutes to go TWO stops. (It's normally 11 minutes from my stop to the work stop)

At the 2nd stop- my phone begins ringing. It’s Nathan. He can help!

So I jump OFF the metro- and get on another metro heading BACK to the office.
(anyone else exhausted at this point?) 

I arrive BACK at the office at 8:45pm. Nathan is there. He gets me into the office so I can grab my wallet AND keys. He leaves. I leave. I jump in a cab to get BACK home. I get into my home.

And that’s the end of my insane story.

All day long I’d been thinking about all I needed to do that night. I had a list of plans. One of which was to make homemade soup, clean my apartment, drink some wine. You know. Enjoy my night.

None of those things happened. I arrived home at 9pm and fell into bed.

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