Saturday, October 26, 2013

The one with the woman on the balcony.

My friend Darrah is in town this weekend. She arrived yesterday morning and we've had a fantastic time of catching up, eating, and sight seeing so far. Last night after dinner, we called it a night and headed to bed.

Since Jaryn is out of town, I gave Darrah my room and I took Jaryn's room. (surprise, Jaryn! Hope that's ok!) :) ( In OTHER news- I know Jaryn's totally fine with that. If she wasn't- I'd NEVER announce via my blog that I'm using her room! I'm a good roommate, people!) :)

So. We go to bed and around 2am, I hear a pounding outside my apartment. My neighbor evidently had a visitor. But the visitor didn't get the message that she wasn't home. For about 15 minutes- he pounded on her door. At one point I got up out of bed and looked through the peephole to see some dude standing outside and continuing to pound. I went back to bed and about 3 minutes later, he stopped. I am drifting back to sleep when I hear MORE pounding. Except this time, I hear pounding....then "This is the police!" 

More pounding, more pounding. Then MY apartment door has pounding- then "This is the police."

So of course I get out of bed and go to the door. My FIRST thought is "There is a fire and they are trying to get people out."

I open the door (lookin all kinds of rough, I'm sure) and there are 3 police officers. One is on the phone and one says to me "Ma'am. We think someone is on your balcony who needs help."



He then says "Does your balcony connect with your neighbor?

I know for certain it does not and tell him as much. He says "ok- it must be the neighbor on the other side."

So he thanks me and I close the door.

But of course- I have to check. And let's be honest. Can you imagine HOW CREEPY it would be to open up your blinds on your balcony and see someone out there?!?!?

There was no one on my balcony. 

But I went back into Jaryn's room (which is the room closest to the front door) and look out her window to the courtyard area. 

And across the way, I see her. 

A woman standing in her pj's. On the phone. Bawling.

So I go get the police and say "She's not on my balcony, but I can see her."

They ask "Can we come in to your place?"

I let them in. The whole time- I'm hoping Darrah hasn't woken up. 

The police come in to Jaryn's room, open the window, and say "Sarah? This is the police. Are you Sarah" She says "yes." They tell her "it's safe to come back to your place. We're here. Can you get back to your place?" She begins to crawl over several balconies and make her way back to her apartment.

The police officers thank me for my time and help and leave. 

But who can go to bed after that!?

I crawl back into bed and hear my neighbor open her door. She's crying and saying "He wouldn't stop knocking on my door! He said he was going to bust my door down!"

Evidently- the first round of pounding was a guy she'd been out on one date with. The officers asked her if she knew him and she said "We went out once! I don't know how he found me here!"While he was pounding on the door- evidently he'd been telling her if she didn't open it- he would bust in. So she escaped her apartment via her balcony- crawled into a neighboring one, and called 911.  

That's when the police arrived. 

I don't know any more to the story at this point. I'll see what I can find out. 

But. Yeah.

How in the world do stories like this find me?!?!?

Good news is this: Darrah slept through the whole thing and wasn't woken up. 

I'd hate for a guest of mine to wake up to crazy!

So. Now you have....the rest of the story. 

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  1. Minda - oh - my! After reading about your evening without keys or wallet, and then this! I'm glad your friend was able to sleep through all of the crazy! Did you get any more sleep that night?

    I was reading your post from the other week about Christmas decorations and my heart hurts for you. I got a lot of our family's decorations when my Mom downsized after Dad died. I cannot imagine not having them around each year. I would like to help you start a new nativity set (or contribute if a new set has already been started). If you are comfortable with that idea and want to email me a ship-to address (work is fine), I would like to send you a piece from Willowtree. I will need to have it shipped direct from the company as they don't ship to Canada, but at least this way you'll know it's coming... :) My email is

    I hope you have a calm, crazy-less weekend!



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