Thursday, January 23, 2014

The one with a warm meal

"There's no replacement for what happens when we make something with our own hands, directed by our own senses, motivated by our own love for the people we're serving."

It's cold in DC. REALLY cold. And I love it.

After a fantastic ski trip weekend to West Virginia, I came back to DC and prepared for the blizzard they were calling for.

Several coworkers were in town from Tallahassee for work meetings and because of the storm- were stranded and unable to get out on time.

Which means I had the opportunity to have Sarah over to my apartment for homemade soup.

I didn't need to rush home to clean, there was no need to fret about what was or was not in my fridge, I just was able to get what I needed and prepare a meal for a dear friend.

Sarah, thanks for sharing a meal with me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to "make something with my own hands, motivated by my love for YOU, the person I was serving."

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