Friday, February 20, 2015

The one with the.......bomb?

I just walked downstairs to get the mail. I put on my coat and shoes. I wasn't even going to walk outside, but it's well below freezing so boots and coat were needed.

I stepped off the elevator and turned the corner to find the mailboxes.

The mailroom area was empty and quiet except for a slow, steady beeping. I looked around. Nothing to be seen. The beeping was coming from inside the mailboxes. I stood there for two extra seconds to make sure I was not making something up. The beeping was loud. It was consistent. And it was definitely coming from inside the mailboxes. And it was freaking me out.

I ran outside (negative temps, people) and called my roommate. I said "would it be overreacting to find and tell someone about this?"

She said "nope." She said I should go to leasing office and tell them. Because....this is DC. You just never know.

So I did. Ok. Maybe I ran. I mean, I've watched every season of "24." Jack Bauer would have wanted me to run.

My heart pounding, my face FREEZING. I ran to leasing office and told manager "I could be overreacting but this is what is happening."

He stared at me like "who is this crazy woman." He asked "Are you serious?" I said "yes."

He called the on-call service. I left leasing office. I walked back to apartment to make sure I'd heard correctly and that I wasn't making this up.

I walked back in to my building and heard the beeping loud and clear.

I exited the building to find the mail man coming inside.

He asked "Did you hear a beeping in there?"

I said "yes, sir."

He laughed and said "I left my scanner in one of the boxes."

I said "um....well someone might be calling you because I just reported a suspicious beeping coming from a mailbox."

And I walked back inside from the cold and returned to my warm apartment. Heart racing. But grateful there wasn't a bomb. (And I did call leasing office to tell them the source of beeping so that no one else freaks out.)

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