Thursday, December 17, 2015

The one with Valero.

At the beginning of the year, several friends arranged a trip to a Virginia winery to enjoy the budding spring weather. The plan was to leave after church on a Sunday and drive out. My friends Jason and Dan were stuck with me this particular drive and after fighting with DC traffic to get OUT of the city- it was way past our lunch time. 

The further we drove, the more we thought "surely we'll see something." 

But no. 

We were approaching 1:30pm and none of us had eaten breakfast. 

Hangry began to settle in.

We were on a rural road headed towards the winery, seeing no hope of any sort of food, and up ahead was a Valero gas station. I declared from the backseat "ooooh! Maybe they'll have some legit tacos!"

The guys looked at me as though I had two heads. As we drove past and realized this gas station would, indeed, NOT have tacos, I yelled from the backseat "SUCK IT, VALERO!"

Remember. Hangry had set in. 

The guys doubled over in laughter at my outburst. But I needed FOOD.

We ended up turning around and finding a grocery store. We ate. We lived. We lived to tell about it too. 

Throughout the year, we've found ourselves saying "suck it, valero!' when something isn't going the way we want it to. Or just because we need a laugh. Either way. The guys think I was making up this taco thing. 


Jason. He's in Texas right now. And I just received a text message from him saying "I can now confirm that yes, they do sell tacos at every gas station in Texas. Even this one:" 

Validation. Yes. That sign does, in fact, say "Habaneros Tacos"

Suck it, Valero!

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